Abbāsi House

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The Abbāsi House is a large historic house museum in Kashan, Iran. It was built during the late 18th century and belonged to a wealthy glass merchant.[1][2] It is partly converted into a teahouse, a traditional restaurant, and a small shop.[2][3] Other such houses, including the Borujerdi House and the Tabātabāei House, are located nearby.

Abbāsi House
Casa histórica de Abbasi, Kashan, Irán, 2016-09-19, DD 72.jpg
General information
Architectural styleIranian
LocationKashan, Iran
Coordinates33°58′34″N 51°26′26″E / 33.9762°N 51.4405°E / 33.9762; 51.4405


The Abbassian House consists of several courtyards and multistorey buildings, and is decorated with plaster reliefs, mirror-work, and stained glass.[2] One of the chambers has a ceiling designed with mirror pieces so as to give the impression of a starry sky under the nocturnal glitter of candlelight. Secret passageways were also built into the house.[citation needed]

A panoramic view of the Abbāsi House.



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