Ami Boué Bluff

Ami Boué Bluff (Bulgarian: рид Ами Буе, romanizedrid Ami Bue, IPA: [ˈrid ɐˈmi buˈɛ]) is the bluff rising to 808 m[1] in the north extremity of Laclavère Plateau on Trinity Peninsula, Antarctic Peninsula. The feature is named after the German-French-Austrian explorer of the Balkans Ami Boué (1794-1881).

Location of Trinity Peninsula.


Ami Boué Bluff is located at 63°25′01″S 57°47′23″W / 63.41694°S 57.78972°W / -63.41694; -57.78972, which is 8.79 km south-southeast of Mount Jacquinot, 11.14 km northeast of Dabnik Peak, 8.43 km north of Kanitz Nunatak and 12.56 km west-southwest of Fidase Peak. German-British mapping in 1996.


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