Athgo International is a political, non-profit organization that seeks to bring together people from ages 18 to 32 to take action in one of three focus areas: Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) and High Tech, Environment and Energy, and Governance.[1] Athgo was established in 1999 as an acronym for "Alliance Toward Harnessing Global Opportunities." In April 2008, the organization dropped the acronym, and became known simply as Athgo.[2]

Focus AreasEdit

The ICTs and High Tech focus area emphasizes that a rigorous academic syllabus is a prerequisite for technological advancements in the world’s developing economies.[citation needed] Past events that focused on this area are: “Bridging the Development Gap: Sustainable Growth in Information and Communication Technologies and Hi-tech through Education [3]” and “Information and Communication Technologies: Opportunities and Challenges in Landlocked Developing Countries,” both of which were held at the American University of Armenia. The 2007 Global Leadership and Innovation Summit, on the other hand, was held in Geneva, Switzerland.[citation needed]

Environment and Energy focus area is aimed at promoting environmental awareness and encouraging participants to consider alternative forms of energy. In the past, two events that are related to this area of focus have been held. The first: “Global Warming: Change Your Attitude! Not the Weather,” was hosted by the University of California, Los Angeles, CA; while “Global Third Way: Becoming One with the Environment” was held at the United Nations Headquarters in New York, NY [4]

Scholar NetworkEdit

Apart from the three focus areas covered by Athgo, the organization also encourages its outstanding alumni to keep close contact, by joining a distinguished group of people in the Scholar Network.[citation needed]

Meanwhile, in order to be recognized as an alumnus/a of Athgo, participants in any event of the three focus areas will have to complete a written assignment that relates to theme of the event attended. Momentarily, Athgo selects the top ten participants based on the quality of his/her peer evaluations, group participation, and writing sample.[citation needed]

Thenceforth, scholarship winners are invited to join other distinguished alumni and associates of Athgo at the Scholar Network, a distinction that prequalifies its holder to attend the most valued convention organized by Athgo, The Global Leadership and Innovation Summit. More so, members of the Scholar Network are provided with full funding to work at the Innovation and Capacity Building Centers, a state-of-the-art research facility that is suitable for conducting research on entrepreneurship, and developing actable public policies.


Athgo draws its support from international bodies, academia, private organizations, businesses, and its alumni. Below is a compacted list of some of the organizations that ATHGO has partnered with and/or have received funding from.[citation needed]

International Bodies


Private Organizations

  • Campus Climate Challenge
  • The Climate Project
  • Development Gateway Foundation
  • Mertz Gilmore Foundation



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