Baikal Mountains

The Baikal Mountains or Baikal Range (Russian: Байкальский хребет, Bajkaljskij hrebet; Buryat: Байгалай дабаан, Baigalai dabaan) are a mountain range that rises steeply over the northwestern shore of Lake Baikal in southern Siberia, Russia.[1] The highest peak in the range is 2,572 m high Mount Chersky, named after Russian explorer Ivan Chersky.[2]

Baikal Mountains
Байкальский хребет
Baikal 140704 0448.jpg
View of the mountains
Highest point
PeakMount Chersky
Elevation2,572 m (8,438 ft)
Baikal Mountains is located in Irkutsk Oblast
Baikal Mountains
Federal SubjectBuryatia,
Irkutsk Oblast
Range coordinates55°00′N 108°00′E / 55.000°N 108.000°E / 55.000; 108.000
Parent rangeSouth Siberian Mountains


The Baikal Mountains are connected with the Primorsky Range to the south, which also stretches along the lakeshore. The Akitkan Range, part of the North Baikal Highlands, is a northern extension of the mountain chain. These mountains are the origin of the Lena River. The Lena-Angara Plateau, part of the Central Siberian Plateau, lies to the west of the Baikal Mountains.[3]


The mountain slopes near Lake Baikal are densely wooded with grey alder, Eurasian aspen, downy birch, Siberian larch, Siberian fir, Scots pine, and Siberian spruce.[4]


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