Battle of Sanfengshan

The Battle of Sanfengshan, literally the Battle of the Three-Peak Mountain, was a major decisive battle fought between the Mongol Empire and Jin China during the first stage of the Mongol conquest of the Jin dynasty. The battle was fought in 9 February 1232 at the Sanfeng Mountain which is in the southwest of what is now the city Yuzhou in Henan Province, China. The battle resulted with a crushing Mongol victory, successfully planned and orchestrated by their general Subutai, and successfully wiped out the last field army of the Jin Dynasty, therefore sealing its fate of falling to the Mongol Empire.

Battle of Sanfeng Mountain
Part of the Mongol–Jin War
DateFebruary 9, 1232
Sanfeng Mountain, Jin China (southwest of present-day Yuzhou, Henan Province, China)
Result Mongol victory
Mongol Empire Jin dynasty
Commanders and leaders
Subutai Wanyan Heda (POW)
50,000 horsemen[1] 130,000 infantry
20,000 horsemen
Casualties and losses
light Very heavy
Battle of Sanfengshan
Simplified Chinese三峰山之战


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