Busani (Russian: Бусани) is the name of a body of fresh water in the Bauntovsky District, Buryatia, Russia.[1] The name originated in the Evenki language, meaning "where people drown".[2]

Busani 2022-10-28-23 59 Sentinel-2 L2A.jpg
Sentinel-2 image of the lake in October.
Busani is located in Republic of Buryatia
LocationVitim Plateau
South Siberian System
Coordinates55°20′30″N 113°30′42″E / 55.34167°N 113.51167°E / 55.34167; 113.51167
Primary inflowsTsipa, Mogoi
Primary outflowsTsipa
Catchment area241 km2 (93 sq mi)
Basin countriesBuryatia, Russia
Max. length12 km (7.5 mi)
Max. width8.5 km (5.3 mi)
Surface area36.8 km2 (14.2 sq mi)
Max. depth10 m (33 ft)
Surface elevation1,050 m (3,445 ft)
SettlementsUakit, Busani, Baunt

There are spectacular rock formations on the southeastern shore of lake Busani. It was declared a protected area of Russia on 25 July 1988.[3]


Busani is one of the major lakes of the Baunt Depression, below the southern foothills of the Southern Muya Range.[4] The lake area belongs to the "Tsipo-Tsipikansky" (Ципо-Ципиканских) lake group —named after rivers Tsipa and Tsipikan, which is also known as Bauntovsky (Баунтовских) —after neighboring lake Baunt.[5]

The lake is located at the northwestern corner of the Vitim Plateau, east of lake Baunt. It is a triangular-shaped lake, crossed by the Mogoi river, which connects it with river Tsipa.[6][7] On the southwestern coast there is a hot spring.[8]

The middle of the lake has a section stretching from north to south of irregular-shaped islands and peninsulas with deeply indented shorelines. The village of Busani is located in that area.[6]

The Three Brothers rock formation near the Busani lakeshore.

Flora and faunaEdit

The bottom of the lake is covered with dense aquatic plant growth. Water lilies rise above the surface in the warm season.[4] The hills surrounding the lake, as well as the islands, are covered with Dahurian larch, Dahurian rhododendron and dwarf cedar.

The lake is rich in fish species, such as ruffe, grayling and Arctic char.[9]

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