Chief Herald of Canada

The Chief Herald of Canada is the head of the Canadian Heraldic Authority, directing the operations of the CHA and making the grants of arms. There are exceptions to this, such as certain grants made directly by the governor general. The position has been held by Samy Khalid since 20 May 2020.[2]

Chief Herald of Canada
Arms of Chief Herald of Canada.svg
The coat of arms and batons of office
of the Chief Herald of Canada[1]
Samy Khalid
since 20 May 2020
Canadian Heraldic Authority
Reports toHerald Chancellor
SeatRideau Hall, Ottawa
AppointerGovernor General of Canada
Constituting instrumentRoyal Letters Patent, 1988
Formation4 June 1988 (1988-06-04)
First holderRobert Watt
WebsiteOfficial website

The chief herald is also tasked with publicly reading the royal proclamation of the accession of a new monarch of Canada.

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