The Chulyshman (Russian: Чулышман; Altay: Чолышман, Çolışman) is a river in Altai Republic in Russia. The river is 241 kilometres (150 mi) long, and its drainage basin covers 16,800 square kilometres (6,500 sq mi).[1] The Chulyshman flows into Lake Teletskoye. It freezes up during late October through early December and stays icebound until late March through early May. Its main tributary is the Bashkaus.

Katu-Jaryk pereval i reka Chulyshman 01.jpg
View from Katu-Yaryk pass
Physical characteristics
SourceLake Dzhulukul
 • coordinates50°13′15″N 89°38′09″E / 50.22083°N 89.63583°E / 50.22083; 89.63583
 • elevation2,200 m (7,200 ft)
MouthLake Teletskoye
 • coordinates
51°21′N 87°46′E / 51.350°N 87.767°E / 51.350; 87.767
Length241 km (150 mi)
Basin size16,800 km2 (6,500 sq mi)
Basin features
ProgressionLake TeletskoyeBiyaObKara Sea


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