Chuya, Altai (river)

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The Chuya (Russian: Чуя; Altay: Чуй, Çuy) is a river in the Altai Republic in Russia, a right tributary of the Katun (Ob's basin). The Chuya is 320 kilometres (200 mi) long, and its drainage basin covers 11,200 square kilometres (4,300 sq mi).[1] The river freezes in October or early November and thaws in late April. The town Kosh-Agach lies on the Chuya. The Chuya Highway (R256) runs through its valley. One of its tributaries is the Chibitka.

Chuya River Altay.JPG
Physical characteristics
 • coordinates
50°23′12″N 86°40′24″E / 50.3866°N 86.6732°E / 50.3866; 86.6732
Length232 km (144 mi)
Basin size9,550 km2 (3,690 sq mi)
Basin features
ProgressionKatunObKara Sea
The Chuya


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