David Bornstein (author)

David Bornstein is a journalist and author who specializes in writing about social innovation, using a style called solutions journalism. He has written three books on social entrepreneurship. He writes for the Fixes blog for The New York Times website, and is one of the co-founders of the Solutions Journalism Network.

David Bornstein
Montreal, Quebec, Canada


Bornstein was raised in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, and now lives in New York City.[1]


Bornstein is married, and he and his wife have one child, a son.[1]


He was awarded the 2007 Human Security Award for work in social entrepreneurship on October 25, 2007, which is given annually by the Coalition Advocating Human Security, a program of the University of California, Irvine.[2] He also received the 2008 Leadership in Social Entrepreneurship Award from Duke University's Fuqua School of Business. He is additionally a co-recipient of the 2014 Vision Award, presented by Middlebury College's Center for Social Entrepreneurship.[3]


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