(Redirected from (Chinese: 观察者网; lit. 'Observer Net') is a news site based in Shanghai, China.[1][2] It was founded by Eric X. Li, a Chinese venture capitalist and political scientist.[3] Guancha has been categorised in an Amsterdam University Press study as a privately owned internet platform outside of state-controlled media.[4] It has been described as a nationalist website,[5] with Agence France-Presse calling it ultranationalist.[6] According to Tuvia Gering of the Institute for National Security Studies, Guancha "occasionally publishes egregiously anti-Semitic or simply racist articles by firebrand Chinese pundits in order to generate clicks."[7]
Type of site
Available inChinese
Country of originChina
  • Shanghai Guanchazhe Information Technology Co., Ltd.
  • Shanghai Chunqiu Development Strategy Research Institute
Founder(s)Eric X. Li
EditorJin Zhongwei
Key peopleZhang Weiwei, Zhang Wenmu Edit this at Wikidata
Launched2012; 11 years ago (2012)
Current statusActive


In 2013, a number of techno-nationalists calling themselves the "Industrial Party" joined the site and have influenced it.[8]

In 2020, the website has spoken out against Donald Trump's suspension from Twitter.[9]

In 2021, the website criticized Intel's ban of using components from Xinjiang.[10]


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