Jrarat, Armavir

40°04′17″N 44°15′47″E / 40.07139°N 44.26306°E / 40.07139; 44.26306

Jrarat is located in Armenia
Coordinates: 40°04′17″N 44°15′47″E / 40.07139°N 44.26306°E / 40.07139; 44.26306
Marz (Province)Armavir
 • Total2,981
Time zoneUTC+4 ( )

Jrarat (Armenian: Ջրառատ) formerly known as Gharkhun or Verin Gharkhun, is a village in the Armavir Province of Armenia. It has a large poultry industry and nearby is a piece of land reserved for the cochineal dye beetles, Porphyrophora hamelii.[1]

Jrarat has a population of 2,981 at the 2011 census.[2]

In addition to the 2,981 people in the town, the Jrarrat Poultry Farm has an additional 1,165 residents (2001 census) in its workers' housing, bringing the population of the area to 4,000.

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