Karachi East District

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Karachi East District (Urdu: ضلع کراچی مشرقی ) is an administrative district of Karachi Division in Sindh, Pakistan.

Karachi East District
ضلع شرقی کراچی
Aziz Bhatti Park in Gulshan Town
Map of Karachi East District
Map of Karachi East District
Country Pakistan
Province Sindh
Re-established11 July 2011
Headquarters[1]DC East office
 • Deputy CommissionerRaja Tariq Hussain[3]
 • Total139 km2 (54 sq mi)
 • Total2,875,315
 • Density21,000/km2 (54,000/sq mi)


The district was established in 1972.

The district was abolished in 2000, and was divided into four towns namely:

On 11 July 2015, the Sindh Government restored again Karachi East District.[5]

In November 2013, three eastern towns of Karachi East District separated to form a new District named Korangi also Jamshed Town of Karachi South District was added into this district. Now Karachi East comprises two towns: Jamshed and Gulshan.[6][7][8]

In 2022, it was divided into five towns namely Sohrab Goth Town, Safoora Town, Gulshan Town, Jinnah Town and Chanesar Town with 43 union councils and 172 wards respectively.[9]


At the time of the 2017 census, Karachi East district had a population of 2,875,315, of which 1,506,788 were males and 1,368,002 females. The entire population was urban. The literacy rate is 76.00%: 78.26% for males and 73.49% for females.[10]

Religions in Karachi East district (2017)[citation needed]
Religion Percent
Other or not stated

The majority religion is Islam, with 95.31% of the population. Christianity is practiced by 3.14% and Hinduism (including Scheduled Castes) is practiced by 1.38% of the population.

Languages of Karachi East district (2017)

  Urdu (37.51%)
  Pashto (13.91%)
  Punjabi (13.29%)
  Sindhi (11.55%)
  Saraiki (8.38%)
  Hindko (3.29%)
  Balochi (2.34%)
  Others (9.73%)

At the time of the 2017 census, 37.51% of the population spoke Urdu, 13.91% Pashto, 13.29% Punjabi, 11.55% Sindhi, 8.38% Saraiki, 3.29% Hindko and 2.34% Balochi as their first language.[citation needed]

Administrative Towns in Karachi EastEdit

Following is the list of administrative towns of Karachi East District.[11]

Jinnah Town
Union Council
U.C. 1 Pakistan Quarters
U.C. 2 Soldier Bazar
U.C. 3 Patel Para
U.C. 4 Jamshed Quarters
U.C. 5 Martin Quarters
U.C. 6 Jamshed Quarters
U.C. 7 Bahadurabad
U.C. 8 Delhi Mercantile
U.C. 9 Tunisia Line
U.C. 10 Jacob Lines
U.C. 11 Behind Jacob Lines
Chanesar Town
Union Council
U.C. 1 P.E.C.H.S. (Pakistan Employees Co-operative Housing Society)
U.C. 2 P.E.C.H.S. II
U.C. 3 Mahmudabad
U.C. 4 Manzoor Colony
U.C. 5 Manzoor Colony-II
U.C. 6 Jamshed Quarters
U.C. 7 Akhtar Colony
U.C. 8 Chanesar Goth
Sohrab Goth Town
Union Council
U.C. 1 Al-Asif Square
U.C. 2 New Quetta Town
U.C. 3 Sukhiya Goth
U.C. 4 Ayub Goth
U.C. 5 Khadim Hussain Goth
U.C. 6 Ahsanabad
U.C. 7 Yousuf Shah Goth
U.C. 8 Sabzi Mandi
Safoora Town
Union Council
U.C. 1 Abbas Town
U.C. 2 Gulzar-e-Hijri
U.C. 3 Sachal Goth
U.C. 4 Al-Azhar Garden
U.C. 5 Johar Complex
U.C. 6 Pehlwan Goth
U.C. 7 Gulistan-e-Johar
U.C. 8 Safari Park
Gulshan-e-Iqbal Town
Union Council
U.C. 1 Essa Nagri
U.C. 2 Hassan Square
U.C. 3 Jamali Colony
U.C. 4 Zia-ull-Haq Colony
U.C. 5 New Dhoraji
U.C. 6 Metroville-III
U.C. 7 Shanti Nagar
U.C. 8 National Stadium
Karachi Safari Park is located in Gulshan Town

List of DehsEdit

The following is a list of Karachi East District's dehs, organised by taluka:[12]

Hospital and health care facilitiesEdit

There are several healthcare facilities in the East District, such as the Aga Khan University Hospital[13] and Liaquat National Hospital.[14]

Education CenterEdit

There are several education center in district east like NED university of Engineering and Technology,[15] University of Karachi[16] & Dow University of Health Sciences (Ojha Campus).

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