Konstanty Adam Czartoryski

Prince Konstanty Adam Czartoryski (October 28, 1777 – April 24, 1866) was a Polish nobleman who became colonel in 1809 in the Duchy of Warsaw and brigadier general in 1815 in Congress Poland. He commanded the 2nd battalion of grenadiers and 17th battalion of line infantry in the Duchy of Warsaw. He was a member of the Czartoryski noble family and became a brigadier general of the Kingdom of Poland under Duke Constantin. He was stationed in Prince Poniatowskis fifth corps of the Grandee Arme in Napoleons invasion of Russia.

Konstanty Adam Czartoryski
Konstanty Adam Czartoryski.png
Born(1777-10-28)October 28, 1777
Warsaw, Poland
DiedApril 24, 1866(1866-04-24) (aged 88)
Vienna, Austria
Noble familyCzartoryski
Spouse(s)Aniela Radziwiłł
Maria Dzierżanowska
Issuewith Aniela Radziwiłł
Eudoxie Czartoryska
Adam Konstanty Czartoryski
with Maria Dzierżanowska
Aleksander Roman Czartoryski
Maria Zuzanna Czartoryska
Konstanty Maria Czartoryski
Jerzy Konstanty Czartoryski
FatherAdam Kazimierz Czartoryski
MotherIzabela Flemming

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