Luccan franc

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1 franco
FELICE ED ELISA PP DI LUCCA E PIOMBINO. Jugate busts of Elisa and Felice Pasquale Baccocchi PRINCIPATO DI LUCCA E PIOMBINO. 1 FRANCO in two lines across field; all within wreath, 1806 in exergue.
AR (5 g)

The franc was the currency of Lucca, issued between 1805 and 1808. It was equivalent to the French franc, alongside which it circulated, and was subdivided into 100 centesimi. In 1808, the French franc replaced local coins at par.

See also Luccan lira


In 1805, silver 1 and 5 franc coins were introduced, followed by copper 3 and 5 centesimi in 1806.