Malankara Orthodox Diocese of Southwest America

The Malankara Orthodox Diocese of Southwest America, sometimes referred to as the Southwest Diocese or DS-WA is a diocese of the Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church. The diocesan headquarters are located in Beasley, Texas[6] a suburban city in Texas 40 miles from downtown Houston. The southwest diocese covers several churches in the U.S. states, and Canada.[7]

Malankara Orthodox Diocese of Southwest America
PrimateMathews III[1]
MetropolitanThomas Mar Ivanios[2]
LanguageMalayalam, English, Syriac, Hindi, Greek, Latin
LiturgyMalankara Rite
HeadquartersBeasley, Texas[3]
TerritorySouth West America
Origin1 April 2009.[4]
RecognitionIndian Orthodox Church
Branched fromAmerican Diocese
Place of worship63
Tax status[501(c)(3)][5]
Official website
Slogan"Let your deeds glorify your Father in Heaven"
The Diocesan headquarter is located in Beasley, TX


American dioceseEdit

The American diocese was established in 1979 by Thomas Makarios. In 1991, after the death of Makarios, Mathews Barnabas was enthroned as metropolitan in 1993. In 2002, Zachariah Nicholovos was appointed as the assistant metropolitan.

Formation of the Southwest DioceseEdit

The Diocese was formed by order number 145/2009 signed by the Catholicos of the Apostolic Throne of St. Thomas and Malankara Metropolitan, Didymus I on 1 April 2009.[8][9] Barnabas and Nicholovos were appointed to the Northeast American Diocese and Alexios Eusebius was appointed the Southwest Diocese.

According to order number 01/2017,[10] Eusebius was transferred to the Diocese of Mavelikkara. Subsequently the Malankara Metropolitan assumed control over the diocese and Zacharias Aprem was appointed as the assistant metropolitan to the diocese. In October 2022, Thomas Ivanios was appointed as the permanent Diocesan Metropolitan bringing an end to the temporary administrative set up that lasted for over five years.


As of April 2020, there are 63 churches in the southwest diocese.[11]

Diocesan metropolitanEdit

Assistant metropolitan

List of Diocesan Metropolitan
Name Start End Notes
American Diocese Formed
Thomas Makarios 1979 1991 Founder and first Metropolitan of American Diocese
Mathews Barnabas 1993 2011 Enthroned as the Second metropolitan of the American Diocese. The American Diocese split into the Northeast American Diocese and Southwest American Diocese in 2009
Southwest Diocese Formed
Alexios Eusebius 2009 2017 First Metropolitan of the current Southwest American Diocese. Relinquished duties in 2017.
Zacharias Aprem 2017 2022 Assistant Metropolitan from 20 September 2017 - October 31 2022[12]
Thomas Ivanios 2022 Present


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