Maranjab Desert

The Maranjab Desert is located in Aran o Bidgol, Esfahan province, Iran and 60 km (37 mi) north-east of Kashan.[1]

Maranjab Desert
Maranjab Desert

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Maranjab is area in the northern city of Aran o Bidgol located in Isfahan province. This desert from north to Salt Lake, the West Desert Lakes issue and salt pond and dock Sultan Moreh, from East to desert sand dam and Desert National Park and the southern city of Aran o Bidgol is limited.

The average height of the Maranjab desert is 850 m (2,790 ft) above sea level and the highest point of the island is about 880 m (2,890 ft) above sea level, and needs to be security, relative moderation, variety of tourism attractions, the diversity of animal species and vegetation in desert areas a good place for tourism and investment in this area has provided and draw many tourists to the area. [1] much of the desert is covered with dunes and sabulous. Maranjab is rich in terms of vegetation. The main vegetation consists of salt-friendly plants including tamarisk trees and bushes arch and is Qych.

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