Mohammed Al Ameen Mosque

The Mohammad Al-Amin Mosque (Arabic: جامع محمد الأمين), also referred to as the Bahwan mosque after its private financiers, is located in Bausher, Oman. It was inaugurated in 2014.

Mohammad Al-Ameen Mosque
جامع محمد الأمين
LocationMuscat, Oman
Date established2014


Mohammed Al Ameen Mosque is a marble-clad marvel located off the Southern Expressway, at a height of 62.5 metres above sea level in Oman. Construction of the mosque commenced in the year 2008 and was completed in 2014. The construction activity brought together designers, materials, technologies, artists and suppliers from Iran, Italy, Germany, Austria, India and the UK. It rests on an area of 20,300 sq. m. The main Prayer Hall is 1616 sq. m. and can accommodate 2,100 people. The Chandeliers – Main Prayer Hall is 11-metre tall and the Ladies Prayer Hall is 4.5 meter tall, are finished with 24-karat gold plating and Swarovski crystals. The Mosque has a total of 3000 sq.m. of hand carved works-of-art in stone in the form of Islamic patterns and calligraphy.[1][2]

The interior spaces feature a contemporary Omani style with rich carved woods accenting white marble.[3]

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