National Council of Turkmenistan

The National Council of Turkmenistan (Turkmen: Türkmenistanyň Milli Geňeşi) was Turkmenistan's bicameral national legislative body or parliament from March 2021 until January 2023. The upper chamber was the People's Council (Halk Maslahaty) and the lower chamber was the Assembly (Mejlis). The National Council was created in March 2021 following election of members to the upper chamber, which in turn followed a constitutional amendment in late 2020.[1][2][3][4][5]

National Council of Turkmenistan

Türkmenistanyň Milli Geňeşi (Turkmen)
Coat of arms or logo
  • 24 October 2020 (created)
  • 1 January 2021 (start of work)
Disbanded21 January 2023
Preceded byUnicameral Mejlis of Turkmenistan, 1991–2020
Succeeded byUnicameral Mejlis of Turkmenistan, 21 January 2023
Chairman of Halk Maslahaty
Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedow (Independent),
since 30 November 2007
Chairman of Mejlis
Dünýägözel Gulmanowa (DPT),
since 6 April 2023
SeatsTotal 181 members

56 senators in Halk Maslahaty

125 deputies in Mejlis
Turkmenistan Mejlis 2021.svg
Halk Maslahaty political groups
  Independents (48)

  Appointed by the President (8)

  Democratic Party (3)
Mejlis (Unicameral Parliament) of Turkmenistan after 25 March 2018 elections.png
Mejlis political groups
Government coalition (107)

Pro-Government (18)

Opposition (0)
Halk Maslahaty voting system
48 were elected by secret ballot by the members of the regional branches of the Halk Maslahaty, the remaining 8 were appointed by the President.
Plurality voting
Halk Maslahaty last election
28 March 2021
Mejlis last election
26 March 2023
Halk Maslahaty next election
March 2026
Mejlis next election
March 2028
Meeting place
Independence Day Parade - Flickr - Kerri-Jo (160).jpg
People's Council Building
50 manat. Türkmenistan, 2009 b.jpg
Assembly Building

In January 2023 both chambers of parliament proposed to abolish the Halk Maslahaty as a legislative organ, to reform it as an independent body, and to place all legislative authority with a unicameral Mejlis.[6][7][8] The National Council was accordingly abolished by unanimous vote of its members in a joint session of the People's Council and Assembly on 21 January 2023.[9][10]

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