In ecology, an oasis (/ˈsɪs/; PL oases /ˈsz/) is a fertile area of a desert or semi-desert environment[1] that sustains plant life and provides habitat for animals. Surface water may be present, or water may only be accessible from wells or underground channels created by humans. In geography, an oasis may be a current or past rest stop on a transportation route, or less-than-verdant location that nonetheless provides access to underground water through deep wells created and maintained by humans.

A desert oasis, photographed from space

The word oasis came into English from Latin: oasis, from Ancient Greek: ὄασις, óasis, which in turn is a direct borrowing from Demotic Egyptian. The word for oasis in the latter-attested Coptic language (the descendant of Demotic Egyptian) is wahe or ouahe which means a "dwelling place".[2] Oasis in Arabic is wāḥa (Arabic: واحة).


Oases develop in “hydrologically favored” locations that have attributes such as a high water table, seasonal lakes, or blockaded wadis.[3] Oases are made when sources of freshwater, such as underground rivers or aquifers, irrigate the surface naturally or via man-made wells.[4] The presence of water on the surface or underground is necessary and the local or regional management of this essential resource is strategic, but not sufficient to create such areas: continuous human work and know-how (a technical and social culture) are essential to maintain such ecosystems.[5][6] Some of the possible human contributions to maintaining an oasis include digging and maintaining wells, digging and maintaining canals, and continuously removing opportunistic plants that threaten to gorge themselves on water and fertility needed to maintain human and animal food supplies.[7] Stereotypically, an oasis has a “central pool of open water surrounded by a ring of water-dependent shrubs and trees…which are in turn encircled by an outlying transition zone to desert plants.”[8]

Rain showers provide subterranean water to sustain natural oases, such as the Tuat. Substrata of impermeable rock and stone can trap water and retain it in pockets, or on long faulting subsurface ridges or volcanic dikes water can collect and percolate to the surface. Any incidence of water is then used by migrating birds, which also pass seeds with their droppings which will grow at the water's edge forming an oasis. It can also be used to plant crops.

Oases in the Middle East and North Africa cover about 1,000,000 hectares (10,000 km2), however, they support the livelihood of about 10 million inhabitants.[9] The stark ratio of oasis to desert land in the world means that the oasis ecosystem is “relatively minute, rare and precious.”[8]

There are 90 “major oases” within the Sahara Desert.[4] Some of their fertility may derive from irrigation systems called foggaras, khettaras, lkhttarts, or a variety of other regional names.[10][11]

In some oases systems, there is “a geometrical system of raised channels that release controlled amounts of the water into individual plots, soaking the soil.”[11]

Irrigation canal within the Figuig Oasis in eastern Morocco

Oases often have human histories that are measured in millennia. Archeological digs at Ein Gedi in the Dead Sea Valley have found evidence of settlement dating to 6,000 BC.[12] Al-Ahsa on the Arabian Peninsula shows evidence of human residence dating to the Neolithic.[13]

Anthropologically, the oasis is “an area of sedentary life, which associates the city [medina] or village [ksar] with its surrounding feeding source, the palm grove, within a relational and circulatory nomadic system.”[14]

The location of oases has been of critical importance for trade and transportation routes in desert areas; caravans must travel via oases so that supplies of water and food can be replenished. Thus, political or military control of an oasis has in many cases meant control of trade on a particular route. For example, the oases of Awjila, Ghadames and Kufra, situated in modern-day Libya, have at various times been vital to both north–south and east–west trade in the Sahara Desert. The location of oases also informed the Darb El Arba'īn trade route from Sudan to Egypt, as well as the caravan route from the Niger River to Tangier, Morocco.[8] The Silk Road “traced its course from water hole to water hole, relying on oasis communities such as Turpan in China and Samarkand in Uzbekistan.”[8]

According to the United Nations, “Oases are at the very heart of the overall development of peri-Saharan countries due to their geographical location and the fact they are preferred migration routes in times of famine or insecurity in the region.”[10]

Oases in Oman, on the Arabian Peninsula near the Persian Gulf, vary somewhat from the Saharan form. While still located in an arid or semi-arid zone with a date palm overstory, these oases are usually located below plateaus and “watered either by springs or by aflaj, tunnel systems dug into the ground or carved into the rock to tap underground aquifers.” This rainwater harvesting system “never developed a serious salinity problem.”[9]

Oasis in Oman
Diagram of khattara system

In the drylands of southwestern North America, there is a habitat form called Palm Oasis (alternately Palm Series or Oasis Scrub Woodland) that has the native California fan palm as the overstory species.[15] These Palm Oases can be found in California, Arizona, Baja California, and Sonora.[15]


Djerid Oasis, Tunisia

People who live in an oasis must manage land and water use carefully. The most important plant in an oasis is the date palm (Phoenix dactylifera L.), which forms the upper layer. These palm trees provide shade for smaller understory trees like apricots, dates, figs , olives, and peach trees, which form the middle layer. Market-garden vegetables, some cereals (such as sorghum, barley, millet, and wheat), and/or mixed animal fodder, are grown in the bottom layer where there is more moisture.[16] The oasis is integrated into its desert environment through an often close association with nomadic transhumant livestock farming (very often pastoral and sedentary populations are clearly distinguished). The fertility of the oasis soil is restored by “cyclic organic inputs of animal origin.”[14] In summary, an oasis palm grove is a highly anthropized and irrigated area that supports a traditionally intensive and polyculture-based agriculture.[1]

Responding to environmental constraints, the three strata create what is called the "oasis effect."[1] The three layers and all their interaction points create a variety of combinations of “horizontal wind speed, relative air temperature and relative air humidity.”[9] The plantings—through a virtuous cycle of wind reduction, increased shade and evapotranspiration—create a microclimate favorable to crops; “measurements taken in different oases have showed that the potential evapotranspiration of the areas was reduced by 30 to 50 percent within the oasis.”[14]

The keystone date palm trees are “a main income source and staple food for local populations in many countries in which they are cultivated, and have played significant roles in the economy, society, and environment of those countries.”[17] Challenges for date palm oasis polycultures include “low rainfall, high temperatures, water resources often high in salt content, and high incidence of pests.”[18]

The oases consist of almost unbroken forests of date palms, divided up into many gardens that are separated by mud walls and intersected by innumerable irrigation and drainage ditches… In the shade of the palms are grown many other kinds of fruit trees—oranges, olives, figs, apricots, peaches, pomegranates, and jujubes—interlaced with large grape vines that often hang in festoons from the palm trunks. Beneath the trees are small plots of garden vegetables, barley, and alfalfa. Neither date palms nor other trees are planted with any regularity, and the growth is often so dense that the garden resembles a tropical jungle. Very beautiful are these gardens in the spring, when the apricot and peach trees are in blossom here and there among the palms and the figs and vines are putting forth their leaves. In autumn, when the dates are ripening, the color effects, especially when the tops of the palms are lit up by the last rays of the setting sun, are something that once seen can never be forgotten. The great clusters of fruit, displaying every tint from bright yellow, through orange, vermilion, and maroon, to plum purple and chestnut brown, with their brilliant yellow or rich orange ivory-like stalks, contrast superbly with the dull bluish or gray green of the feathery crowns of foliage. It is small wonder that a whole folklore of poetic legends and proverbs has grown up around the date palm in the regions where it flourishes.

— Kearney, Thomas H. (1906-09-06). Bulletin: Date Varieties and Date Culture in Tunis.

Distressed systemsEdit

Many historic oases have struggled with drought and inadequate maintenance.

According to a United Nations report on the future of oases in the Sahara and Sahel, “Increasingly…oases are subject to various pressures, heavily influenced by the effects of climate change, decreasing groundwater levels and a gradual loss of cultural heritage due to a fading historical memory concerning traditional water management techniques. These natural pressures are compounded by demographic pressures and the introduction of modern water pumping techniques that can disrupt traditional resource management schemes, particularly in the North Saharan oases.”[10]

For example, five historic oases in the Western Desert of Egypt (Kharga, Dakhla, Farafra, Baharyia, and Siwa) once had “flowing spring and wells” but due to the decline of groundwater heads because of overuse for land reclamation projects those water sources are no more and the oases suffer as a result.[19]

Morocco has lost two-thirds of its oasis habitat over the last 100 years due to heat, drought, and water scarcity.[11] The Ferkla Oases in Morocco once drew on water from the Ferkla, Sat and Tangarfa Rivers but they are now dry but for a few days a year.[11]

List of places called oasesEdit

Old World Oases
Country Administrative Division Name Elevation Typology Ref.
  Algeria Tébessa Ferkane Oasis 272 Wadi Mantana [20]
  Algeria Tébessa Negrine Oasis 355 Wadi Mantana [20]
  Algeria Batna Ghassira Oasis 759 Wadi Abiod [20]
  Algeria Batna Ghoufi Oasis 663 Wadi Abiod [20]
  Algeria Batna M'doukel Oasis 405 Wadi Al Naemia [20]
  Algeria Batna Taghit Tkoutt Oasis 851 Wadi Abiod [20]
  Algeria Batna Tifelfal Oasis 778 Wadi Abiod [20]
  Algeria Batna Tigherghar Oasis 705 Wadi Ouled Abdi [20]
  Algeria Djelfa Amourah Oasis 1017 Wadi Bu Kahil [20]
  Algeria Djelfa Messaad Oasis 782 Wadi Messaad [20]
  Algeria Khenchela Chebla Oasis 503 Wadi Zeribet [20]
  Algeria Khenchela El Ouldja Oasis 306 Wadi Zeribet [20]
  Algeria Khenchela Khirane Oasis 569 Wadi Zeribet [20]
  Algeria Biskra Baniane Oasis 480 Wadi Aghzar Amlal [20]
  Algeria Biskra Biskra Oasis 95 Wadi Sidi Zerzour [20]
  Algeria Biskra Branis Oasis 287 Wadi Sidi Zerzour [20]
  Algeria Biskra Djemorah Oasis 522 Wadi Ouled Abdi [20]
  Algeria Biskra Doucen Oasis 177 Wadi Jadi [20]
  Algeria Biskra El Haouch Oasis -8 Depression [20]
  Algeria Biskra El Kantara Oasis 503 Wadi El Kantara [20]
  Algeria Biskra Khenguet Sidi Nadji Oasis 160 Wadi Zeribet [20]
  Algeria Biskra Lioua Oasis 105 Wadi Djedi [20]
  Algeria Biskra M'Chouneche Oasis 301 Wadi Abiod [20]
  Algeria Biskra Mekhadma Oasis 93 Wadi Djedi [20]
  Algeria Biskra M'lili Oasis 62 Wadi Djedi [20]
  Algeria Biskra Ouled Djelal Oasis 189 Wadi Djedi [20]
  Algeria Biskra Oumache Oasis 50 Wadi Djedi [20]
  Algeria Biskra Sidi Khaled Oasis 209 Wadi Djedi [20]
  Algeria Biskra Sidi Masmoudi Oasis 204 Wadi Ahmar Khadu [20]
  Algeria Biskra Sidi Okba Oasis 50 Wadi El Biraz [20]
  Algeria Biskra Tolga Oasis 156 Wadi Jadi [20]
  Algeria El Oued Ain Cheik Oasis 0 Depression [20]
  Algeria El Oued Debila Oasis 56 Erg [20]
  Algeria El Oued Djamaa Oasis 34 Wadi Righ [20]
  Algeria El Oued El Meghaier Oasis -11 Depression [20]
  Algeria El Oued El Oued Oasis 79 Erg [20]
  Algeria El Oued Guemar Oasis 64 Erg [20]
  Algeria El Oued Hassani Abdelkrim Oasis 58 Erg [20]
  Algeria El Oued Hassi Khalifa Oasis 48 Erg [20]
  Algeria El Oued Lizerg Oasis 71 Erg [20]
  Algeria El Oued Magrane Oasis 52 Erg [20]
  Algeria El Oued Mih Ouansa Oasis 101 Erg [20]
  Algeria El Oued Oued El Alenda Oasis 90 Erg [20]
  Algeria El Oued Oum Toyour Oasis 6 Depression [20]
  Algeria El Oued Reguiba Oasis 54 Erg [20]
  Algeria El Oued Sidi Amrane Oasis 44 Wadi Righ [20]
  Algeria El Oued Sidi Khelil Oasis 21 Depression [20]
  Algeria El Oued Still Oasis 7 Depression [20]
  Algeria El Oued Temerna Djedida Oasis 66 Wadi Righ [20]
  Algeria El Oued Tendla Oasis 14 Wadi Righ [20]
  Algeria El Bayadh Arbaouat Oasis 1022 Wadi [20]
  Algeria El Bayadh Boussemghoun Oasis 983 Wadi Boussemghoun [20]
  Algeria El Bayadh Brezina Oasis 851 Wadi Seggeur [20]
  Algeria El Bayadh Sidi El Hadj Eddine Oasis 753 Erg [20]
  Algeria Naâma Moghrar Oasis 936 Wadi Moghrar [20]
  Algeria Naâma Moghtar Tahtani Oasis 868 Wadi Moghrar [20]
  Algeria Naâma Tiout Naâma Oasis 1022 Wadi Namous [20]
  Algeria Ouargla Al Alia Oasis 106 Erg [20]
  Algeria Ouargla Benaceur Oasis 104 Erg [20]
  Algeria Ouargla Blidet Amor Oasis 91 Wadi Righ [20]
  Algeria Ouargla Daglet Lagrouba Oasis 107 Erg [20]
  Algeria Ouargla El Bour Oasis 127 Depression [20]
  Algeria Ouargla El Hadjira Oasis 110 Erg [20]
  Algeria Ouargla M'Naguer Oasis 99 Erg [20]
  Algeria Ouargla Meggarine Oasis 69 Wadi Righ [20]
  Algeria Ouargla N'Goussa Oasis 126 Depression [20]
  Algeria Ouargla Ouargla Oasis 135 Depression [20]
  Algeria Ouargla Sidi Slimane Oasis 53 Wadi Righ [20]
  Algeria Ouargla Taibet Oasis 99 Erg [20]
  Algeria Ouargla Taibine Oasis 114 Erg [20]
  Algeria Ouargla Temacine Oasis 81 Wadi Righ [20]
  Algeria Ouargla Touggourt Oasis 72 Wadi Righ [20]
  Algeria Ghardaïa Beni Isguen Oasis 497 Wadi M'Zab [20]
  Algeria Ghardaïa Berriane Oasis 533 Wadi Baloh [20]
  Algeria Ghardaïa Bounoura Oasis 494 Wadi M'Zab [20]
  Algeria Ghardaïa Dhayet Bendhahoua Oasis 532 Wadi M'Zab [20]
  Algeria Ghardaïa El Atteuf Oasis 465 Wadi M'Zab [20]
  Algeria Ghardaïa El Guerrara Oasis 303 Wadi Zegrir [20]
  Algeria Ghardaïa Ghardaia Oasis 514 Wadi M'Zab [20]
  Algeria Ghardaïa Hassi Gara Oasis 399 Depression [20]
  Algeria Ghardaïa Metlili Oasis 511 Wadi Metlili [20]
  Algeria Ghardaïa Zelfana Oasis 354 Wadi Metlili [20]
  Algeria Béchar Aguedal Oasis 420 Wadi Saoura [20]
  Algeria Béchar Beni Abbes Oasis 459 Wadi Saoura [20]
  Algeria Béchar Beni Ikhlef Oasis 399 Wadi Saoura [20]
  Algeria Béchar Boukais Oasis 847 Wadi Al Hasra [20]
  Algeria Béchar Igli Oasis 508 Wadi Saoura [20]
  Algeria Béchar Kerzaz Oasis 379 Wadi Saoura [20]
  Algeria Béchar Ksabi Oasis 331 Wadi Saoura [20]
  Algeria Béchar Mazzer Oasis 506 Wadi Saoura [20]
  Algeria Béchar Oulad Raffa Oasis 350 Wadi Saoura [20]
  Algeria Béchar Ouled Khoudir Oasis 347 Wadi Saoura [20]
  Algeria Béchar Tabelbala Oasis 521 Mountain [20]
  Algeria Béchar Taghit Oasis 602 Wadi Zouzfana [20]
  Algeria Béchar Timoudi Oasis 356 Wadi Saoura [20]
  Algeria Adrar Adjir Oasis 360 Erg [20]
  Algeria Adrar Admer Zaouiet Oasis 210 Depression [20]
  Algeria Adrar Adrar Oasis 244 Depression [20]
  Algeria Adrar Ain Hammou Oasis 367 Erg [20]
  Algeria Adrar Akabli Oasis 221 Erg [20]
  Algeria Adrar Anzeglouf Oasis 185 Erg [20]
  Algeria Adrar Aougrout Oasis 294 Depression [20]
  Algeria Adrar Aoulef Oasis 276 Erg [20]
  Algeria Adrar Arhlad Oasis 275 Erg [20]
  Algeria Adrar Azekkour Oasis 252 Erg [20]
  Algeria Adrar Azoua Oasis 198 Depression [20]
  Algeria Adrar Badriane Oasis 267 Erg [20]
  Algeria Adrar Ben Henni Oasis 230 Erg [20]
  Algeria Adrar Beni Aissi Oasis 351 Erg [20]
  Algeria Adrar Bou Ali Oasis 224 Depression [20]
  Algeria Adrar Bouda Oasis 234 Depression [20]
  Algeria Adrar Bouffaddi Oasis 240 Erg [20]
  Algeria Adrar Bour Sidi Youssef Oasis 244 Erg [20]
  Algeria Adrar Charouine Oasis 287 Depression [20]
  Algeria Adrar El Djedid Oasis 233 Erg [20]
  Algeria Adrar El Hadj Guelmane Oasis 243 Erg [20]
  Algeria Adrar El Ksabi Oasis 256 Depression [20]
  Algeria Adrar El Mansour Oasis 233 Depression [20]
  Algeria Adrar Enefis Oasis 204 Depression [20]
  Algeria Adrar Fatis Oasis 359 Erg [20]
  Algeria Adrar Fenoughil Oasis 225 Erg [20]
  Algeria Adrar Guentour Oasis 307 Erg [20]
  Algeria Adrar Haha Oasis 373 Erg [20]
  Algeria Adrar Hammad Oasis 247 Depression [20]
  Algeria Adrar Hassi Nba Oasis 342 Erg [20]
  Algeria Adrar Ihrzer Oasis 236 Erg [20]
  Algeria Adrar Ksar Temassekht Oasis 259 Erg [20]
  Algeria Adrar Lahmer Oasis 316 Erg [20]
  Algeria Adrar Mahidia Oasis 234 Depression [20]
  Algeria Adrar Metarfa Oasis 252 Erg [20]
  Algeria Adrar Noun En Nass Oasis 259 Erg [20]
  Algeria Adrar Ouadjda Oasis 264 Erg [20]
  Algeria Adrar Oufrane Oasis 288 Erg [20]
  Algeria Adrar Oulad Aiach Oasis 358 Erg [20]
  Algeria Adrar Oulad Antar Oasis 226 Erg [20]
  Algeria Adrar Oulad Bou Yahia Oasis 233 Erg [20]
  Algeria Adrar Oulad Meriem Oasis 171 Erg [20]
  Algeria Adrar Ouled Abbou Oasis 255 Depression [20]
  Algeria Adrar Ouled Aissa Oasis 361 Erg [20]
  Algeria Adrar Ouled Mahmoud Oasis 268 Depression [20]
  Algeria Adrar Ouled Rached Oasis 254 Erg [20]
  Algeria Adrar Ouled Said Oasis 268 Erg [20]
  Algeria Adrar Reggane Oasis 203 Depression [20]
  Algeria Adrar Rhamianou Oasis 249 Erg [20]
  Algeria Adrar Sali Oasis 160 Depression [20]
  Algeria Adrar Sebaa Oasis 262 Depression [20]
  Algeria Adrar Semdjane Oasis 327 Erg [20]
  Algeria Adrar Semouta Oasis 272 Erg [20]
  Algeria Adrar Tabelkoza Oasis 377 Erg [20]
  Algeria Adrar Tabou Oasis 312 Erg [20]
  Algeria Adrar Taghouzi Oasis 373 Erg [20]
  Algeria Adrar Tamadanine Oasis 163 Depression [20]
  Algeria Adrar Tamentit Oasis 244 Depression [20]
  Algeria Adrar Tamest Oasis 226 Erg [20]
  Algeria Adrar Taouennza Oasis 376 Erg [20]
  Algeria Adrar Tasfaout Oasis 216 Erg [20]
  Algeria Adrar Tawrirt Oasis 220 Depression [20]
  Algeria Adrar Tegant Oasis 360 Erg [20]
  Algeria Adrar Thala Oasis 246 Erg [20]
  Algeria Adrar Timimoun Oasis 225 Depression [20]
  Algeria Adrar Timleha Oasis 243 Depression [20]
  Algeria Adrar Timmassekh Oasis 224 Depression [20]
  Algeria Adrar Tindjellet Oasis 249 Erg [20]
  Algeria Adrar Tiouliline Oasis 196 Depression [20]
  Algeria Adrar Tiourinine Oasis 223 Erg [20]
  Algeria Adrar Titaf Oasis 251 Erg [20]
  Algeria Adrar Tlalet Oasis 248 Erg [20]
  Algeria Adrar Tsabit Oasis 252 Depression [20]
  Algeria Adrar Zaglou Oasis 232 Depression [20]
  Algeria Adrar Zaouia Sidi Abd El Kader Oasis 222 Erg [20]
  Algeria Adrar Zaouia Sidi Bekri Oasis 241 Depression [20]
  Algeria Adrar Zaouiet Debagh Oasis 354 Erg [20]
  Algeria Adrar Zaouiet Kounta Oasis 195 Depression [20]
  Algeria Adrar Zaouiet Sidi Mansour Oasis 376 Erg [20]
  Algeria Illizi Illizi Oasis 558 Wadi Takhamalt [20]
  Algeria Illizi Djanet Oasis 1032 Wadi Idjeriou [20]
  Algeria Illizi Iherir Oasis 1118 Wadi Iherir [20]
  Algeria Tamanghasset Foggaret Ezzaouia Oasis 300 Erg [20]
  Algeria Tamanghasset Igostene Oasis 274 Depression [20]
  Algeria Tamanghasset In Ghar Oasis 256 Erg [20]
  China Gansu Crescent Lake ? ? [21]
  Egypt Matruh Qara Oasis -41 Depression [22]
  Egypt Matruh Siwa Oasis -11 Depression [22]
  Egypt Jizah Bahariya Oasis 118 Depression [22]
  Egypt Jizah El Heiz Oasis 123 Depression [22]
  Egypt Fayyum Fayyum Oasis 32 Depression [22]
  Egypt Al Wadi al Jadid Abu Minqar Oasis 117 Depression [22]
  Egypt Al Wadi al Jadid Al Kharga Oasis 66 Depression [22]
  Egypt Al Wadi al Jadid Baris Oasis 54 Depression [22]
  Egypt Al Wadi al Jadid Dahla Oasis 111 Depression [22]
  Egypt Al Wadi al Jadid Farafra Oasis 85 Depression [22]
  Egypt Aswan Kurkur Oasis 316 Depression [22]
  Israel Judea and Samaria Area Ein Gedi Oasis ? ? [21]
  Libya Butnan Al Jaghbub Oasis -2 Depression [23]
  Libya Nalut Derj Oasis 421 Wadi Tanarut [23]
  Libya Nalut Ghadames Oasis 338 Depression [23]
  Libya Jabal al Gharbi Shakshuk Oasis 213 Mountain [23]
  Libya Al Wahat Awjillah Oasis 35 Depression [23]
  Libya Al Wahat Jakharrad Oasis 31 Depression [23]
  Libya Al Wahat Jalu Oasis 39 Depression [23]
  Libya Al Wahat Maradah Oasis 47 Depression [23]
  Libya Al Jufrah Al Fuqaha Oasis 539 Wadi Jabal Al Huruj [23]
  Libya Al Jufrah Sokna Oasis 270 Depression [23]
  Libya Al Jufrah Waddan Oasis 247 Depression [23]
  Libya Al Jufrah Zillah Oasis 216 Depression [23]
  Libya Wadi al Shatii Adiri Oasis 366 Erg [23]
  Libya Wadi al Shatii Brak Oasis 350 Wadi ash Shati [23]
  Libya Wadi al Shatii Wanzarik Oasis 380 Erg [23]
  Libya Sabha Sabha Oasis 419 Erg [23]
  Libya Sabha Tamanhint Oasis 413 Erg [23]
  Libya Ghat Al Awaynat Oasis 656 Wadi Al Kawakib [23]
  Libya Ghat Ghat Oasis 675 Erg [23]
  Libya Wadi al Hayat Awbari Oasis 466 Erg [23]
  Libya Wadi al Hayat Gaberoun Oasis 451 Erg [23]
  Libya Wadi al Hayat Germa Oasis 465 Erg [23]
  Libya Wadi al Hayat Qasr Larocu Oasis 466 Erg [23]
  Libya Al Kufrah Al Kufra Oasis 382 Depression [23]
  Libya Al Kufrah Buzaymah Oasis 292 Depression [23]
  Libya Al Kufrah Rabyanah Oasis 381 Erg [23]
  Libya Al Kufrah Tazirbu Oasis 255 Depression [23]
  Libya Murzuq Dujal Oasis 472 Erg [23]
  Libya Murzuq Qatrun Oasis 474 Erg [23]
  Libya Murzuq Murzuq Oasis 453 Erg [23]
  Libya Murzuq Tajarhi Oasis 494 Erg [23]
  Mauritania Adrar Ain Ehel Taya Oasis 152 Wadi Atar [24]
  Mauritania Adrar Amder Oasis 248 Wadi Atar [24]
  Mauritania Adrar Aoujeft Oasis 252 Wadi Tidjikja [24]
  Mauritania Adrar Atar Oasis 223 Wadi Atar [24]
  Mauritania Adrar Azougui Oasis 250 Wadi Atar [24]
  Mauritania Adrar Chinguetti Oasis 494 Wadi Chinguetti [24]
  Mauritania Adrar El Meddah Oasis 139 Erg [24]
  Mauritania Adrar El Oudei Oasis 229 Wadi Al Abiad [24]
  Mauritania Adrar Entkemkemt Oasis 478 Wadi Chinguetti [24]
  Mauritania Adrar Faraoun Oasis 162 Wadi Ejwali [24]
  Mauritania Adrar Ksar Torchane Oasis 263 Wadi Atar [24]
  Mauritania Adrar Maaden Oasis 166 Depression [24]
  Mauritania Adrar Medina Rahme Oasis 358 Mountain [24]
  Mauritania Adrar Mhaireth Oasis 354 Wadi Al Abiad [24]
  Mauritania Adrar Ouadane Oasis 446 Wadi Ifenouar [24]
  Mauritania Adrar Dakhlet el Ghzâl Oasis 149 Erg [24]
  Mauritania Adrar Salah Eddarein Oasis 180 Wadi Ejwali [24]
  Mauritania Adrar Taizent Oasis 213 Wadi Atar [24]
  Mauritania Adrar Tanouchert Oasis 415 Erg [24]
  Mauritania Adrar Tawaz Oasis 276 Wadi Atar [24]
  Mauritania Adrar Tentane Oasis 173 Depression [24]
  Mauritania Adrar Terjit Oasis 313 Wadi Atar [24]
  Mauritania Adrar Timinite Oasis 195 Erg [24]
  Mauritania Adrar Tirebane Oasis 235 Wadi Ejwali [24]
  Mauritania Adrar Toueizikt Oasis 261 Wadi Atar [24]
  Mauritania Adrar Toungat Oasis 190 Wadi Al Abiad [24]
  Mauritania Hodh ech Chargui Boukhzama Oasis 250 Mountain [24]
  Mauritania Hodh ech Chargui Nema Oasis 259 Mountain [24]
  Mauritania Hodh ech Chargui Oualata Oasis 240 Depression [24]
  Mauritania Tagant Acharim Oasis 368 Wadi Al Nahar Al Abiad [24]
  Mauritania Tagant Agnana Oasis 230 Wadi Tidjikja [24]
  Mauritania Tagant Baghdada Oasis 410 Wadi Tidjikja [24]
  Mauritania Tagant Borelle Eglieg Oasis 416 Wadi Tidjikja [24]
  Mauritania Tagant Debaye El Ghadi Oasis 400 Wadi Tidjikja [24]
  Mauritania Tagant Dendane Oasis 237 Wadi Al Nahar Al Abiad [24]
  Mauritania Tagant Edwalgue Oasis 106 Wadi Al Nahar Al Abiad [24]
  Mauritania Tagant El Housseiniya Oasis 126 Wadi Al Nahar Al Abiad [24]
  Mauritania Tagant El Joumlanya Oasis 111 Depression [24]
  Mauritania Tagant El Mechra Oasis 113 Depression [24]
  Mauritania Tagant Entitam Oasis 109 Wadi Al Nahar Al Abiad [24]
  Mauritania Tagant El Ghoudia Oasis 408 Wadi Tidjikja [24]
  Mauritania Tagant Ksar El Barka Oasis 134 Wadi Callaha [24]
  Mauritania Tagant El Ahouetat Oasis 352 Wadi Tidjikja [24]
  Mauritania Tagant N'Beika Oasis 112 Wadi Al Nahar Al Abiad [24]
  Mauritania Tagant Nejam Oasis 443 Wadi Tidjikja [24]
  Mauritania Tagant Rachid Oasis 269 Wadi Tidjikja [24]
  Mauritania Tagant Talmest Oasis 252 Wadi Tidjikja [24]
  Mauritania Tagant Taoujafet Oasis 199 Wadi Al Abiad [24]
  Mauritania Tagant Tichitt Oasis 188 Depression [24]
  Mauritania Tagant Tidjikja Oasis 396 Wadi Tidjikja [24]
  Mauritania Assaba El Ajoue Oasis 89 Wadi Qurugel [24]
  Mauritania Assaba Guerou Oasis 170 Depression [24]
  Mauritania Assaba Kamour Oasis 174 Depression [24]
  Mauritania Assaba Ntakat Oasis 146 Depression [24]
  Mauritania Assaba Tagada El Wassa Oasis 194 Depression [24]
  Mauritania Assaba Tegadit Iriji Oasis 173 Mountain [24]
  Mauritania Hodh el Gharbi Kobenni Oasis 208 Depression [24]
  Mauritania Guidimaka Kankossa Oasis 80 Wadi Karakoro [24]
  Morocco Oriental Ain Chair Oasis 969 Mountain [25]
  Morocco Oriental Ain Chouater Oasis 769 Wadi Zelmou [25]
  Morocco Oriental Bouanane Oasis 860 Wadi Bouanane [25]
  Morocco Oriental Figuig Oasis 886 Mountain [25]
  Morocco Oriental Gafait Oasis 787 Wadi Za [25]
  Morocco Oriental Ksar El Hajoui Oasis 827 Wadi El Hajoui [25]
  Morocco Oriental Takoumit Oasis 874 Wadi Bouanane [25]
  Morocco Drâa-Tafilalet Afra Oasis 878 Wadi Draa [25]
  Morocco Drâa-Tafilalet Agdz Oasis 928 Wadi Draa [25]
  Morocco Drâa-Tafilalet Aguinane Oasis 1191 Wadi Asif Bu Aguinane [25]
  Morocco Drâa-Tafilalet Ait Aissa Oasis 1000 Wadi Ouhmidi [25]
  Morocco Drâa-Tafilalet Ait Ben Haddou Oasis 1261 Wadi El Maleh [25]
  Morocco Drâa-Tafilalet Ait Ben Omar Oasis 1003 Erg [25]
  Morocco Drâa-Tafilalet Ait Ismene et Ihjjamen Oasis 1368 Wadi Todra [25]
  Morocco Drâa-Tafilalet Ait Issa Ou Brahim Oasis 1187 Wadi Assif [25]
  Morocco Drâa-Tafilalet Ait Mrabet Oasis 942 Wadi Ouhmidi [25]
  Morocco Drâa-Tafilalet Ait Saoun Oasis 1613 Mountain [25]
  Morocco Drâa-Tafilalet Ait Semghane Oasis 1115 Mountain [25]
  Morocco Drâa-Tafilalet Ait Senan Oasis 1390 Wadi Todgha [25]
  Morocco Drâa-Tafilalet Ait Tizgui Oasis 1421 Wadi Todgha [25]
  Morocco Drâa-Tafilalet Akhlouf Oasis 797 Wadi Draa [25]
  Morocco Drâa-Tafilalet Alnif Oasis 873 Wadi Alnif [25]
  Morocco Drâa-Tafilalet Amazraou Oasis 719 Wadi Draa [25]
  Morocco Drâa-Tafilalet Amazzer Oasis 1021 Wadi Ouhmidi [25]
  Morocco Drâa-Tafilalet Ammar Oasis 965 Wadi Alnif [25]
  Morocco Drâa-Tafilalet Aoufous Oasis 893 Wadi Ziz [25]
  Morocco Drâa-Tafilalet Azreg Oasis 931 Wadi Alnif [25]
  Morocco Drâa-Tafilalet Beni Zouli Oasis 755 Wadi Draa [25]
  Morocco Drâa-Tafilalet Blaghema Oasis 872 Wadi Ziz [25]
  Morocco Drâa-Tafilalet Douira Oasis 858 Wadi Ziz [25]
  Morocco Drâa-Tafilalet Douirat Oasis 775 Wadi Draa [25]
  Morocco Drâa-Tafilalet El Borj Oasis 886 Wadi Ait Douchen [25]
  Morocco Drâa-Tafilalet El Jorf Oasis 817 Wadi Gheris [25]
  Morocco Drâa-Tafilalet El Morabitine Oasis 1201 Wadi Todgha [25]
  Morocco Drâa-Tafilalet Erfoud Oasis 808 Wadi Ziz [25]
  Morocco Drâa-Tafilalet Errachidia Oasis 1028 Wadi Ziz [25]
  Morocco Drâa-Tafilalet Essifa Oasis 771 Wadi Gheris [25]
  Morocco Drâa-Tafilalet Fezna Oasis 835 Wadi Gheris [25]
  Morocco Drâa-Tafilalet Finnt Oasis 1180 Wadi Ait Douchen [25]
  Morocco Drâa-Tafilalet Goulmima Oasis 1024 Wadi Gheris [25]
  Morocco Drâa-Tafilalet Hassilabied Oasis 713 Erg [25]
  Morocco Drâa-Tafilalet Ighrem Agoudim Oasis 1161 Wadi Todgh [25]
  Morocco Drâa-Tafilalet Igoudmane Oasis 1306 Mountain [25]
  Morocco Drâa-Tafilalet Intliten Oasis 940 Wadi Draa [25]
  Morocco Drâa-Tafilalet Irbibene Oasis 1207 Wadi Todgh [25]
  Morocco Drâa-Tafilalet Irhels Oasis 1348 Wadi Ighls [25]
  Morocco Drâa-Tafilalet Isfalem Oasis 958 Wadi Draa [25]
  Morocco Drâa-Tafilalet Isilf Oasis 978 Wadi Todgha [25]
  Morocco Drâa-Tafilalet Ksar Beni Kalouf Oasis 696 Wadi Draa [25]
  Morocco Drâa-Tafilalet Ksar Beni Ozayem Oasis 927 Wadi Guir [25]
  Morocco Drâa-Tafilalet Ksar Boudenib Oasis 949 Wadi Guir [25]
  Morocco Drâa-Tafilalet Ksar Hannabou Oasis 792 Wadi Gheris [25]
  Morocco Drâa-Tafilalet Ksar Nasrate Oasis 599 Wadi Draa [25]
  Morocco Drâa-Tafilalet Ksar Sahli Oasis 914 Wadi Guir [25]
  Morocco Drâa-Tafilalet Ksar Tazougart Oasis 1064 Wadi Guir [25]
  Morocco Drâa-Tafilalet Ksar Tissergate Oasis 737 Wadi Draa [25]
  Morocco Drâa-Tafilalet Ksar Touroug Oasis 898 Wadi Todgha/Gheris [25]
  Morocco Drâa-Tafilalet Lamkatra Oasis 763 Wadi Draa [25]
  Morocco Drâa-Tafilalet Lhadouane Oasis 1249 Wadi Todra [25]
  Morocco Drâa-Tafilalet M Hamid el Ghizlane Oasis 549 Wadi Draa [25]
  Morocco Drâa-Tafilalet Mezguida Oasis 770 Wadi Ziz [25]
  Morocco Drâa-Tafilalet Nkob Oasis 1045 Wadi Akka Aounzerf [25]
  Morocco Drâa-Tafilalet Ouarzazate Oasis 1120 Wadi Iriri [25]
  Morocco Drâa-Tafilalet Oulad Aissa Oasis 917 Wadi Ziz [25]
  Morocco Drâa-Tafilalet Oulad Edriss Oasis 564 Wadi Draa [25]
  Morocco Drâa-Tafilalet Oulad Yahia Lagraire Oasis 828 Wadi Draa [25]
  Morocco Drâa-Tafilalet Ouled Otmane Oasis 858 Wadi Draa [25]
  Morocco Drâa-Tafilalet Ramlia Oasis 621 Erg [25]
  Morocco Drâa-Tafilalet Rgabi Ait Hssou Oasis 567 Wadi Draa [25]
  Morocco Drâa-Tafilalet Rissani Oasis 760 Wadi Ziz [25]
  Morocco Drâa-Tafilalet Sijilmasa Oasis 760 Wadi Ziz [25]
  Morocco Drâa-Tafilalet Skoura Oasis 1224 Wadi El Hajaj [25]
  Morocco Drâa-Tafilalet Tadighoust Oasis 1107 Wadi Gheris [25]
  Morocco Drâa-Tafilalet Tafounante Oasis 1370 Wadi Ait Douchen [25]
  Morocco Drâa-Tafilalet Taghzoute N Ait Atta Oasis 1178 Wadi Todra [25]
  Morocco Drâa-Tafilalet Taguenzalt Oasis 1317 Wadi Iriri [25]
  Morocco Drâa-Tafilalet Talamzit Oasis 905 Wadi Draa [25]
  Morocco Drâa-Tafilalet Talat Oasis 910 Wadi Ouhmidi [25]
  Morocco Drâa-Tafilalet Taltfraout Oasis 1083 Mountain [25]
  Morocco Drâa-Tafilalet Tamegroute Oasis 685 Wadi Draa [25]
  Morocco Drâa-Tafilalet Tamellalt Oasis 959 Wadi Todgha [25]
  Morocco Drâa-Tafilalet Tamezmoute Oasis 842 Wadi Draa [25]
  Morocco Drâa-Tafilalet Tamkasselt Oasis 879 Wadi Draa [25]
  Morocco Drâa-Tafilalet Tamnougalt Oasis 914 Wadi Draa [25]
  Morocco Drâa-Tafilalet Tansikht Oasis 862 Wadi Draa [25]
  Morocco Drâa-Tafilalet Taoudaate Oasis 1406 Mountain [25]
  Morocco Drâa-Tafilalet Targa El Mal Oasis 884 Wadi Draa [25]
  Morocco Drâa-Tafilalet Tarmigt Oasis 1257 Wadi Ait Douchen [25]
  Morocco Drâa-Tafilalet Tassawant Oasis 1095 Mountain [25]
  Morocco Drâa-Tafilalet Tastifte Oasis 877 Wadi Ouhmidi [25]
  Morocco Drâa-Tafilalet Tazarine Oasis 852 Mountain [25]
  Morocco Drâa-Tafilalet Tighit Oasis 899 Wadi Draa [25]
  Morocco Drâa-Tafilalet Tikchtat Oasis 785 Wadi Draa [25]
  Morocco Drâa-Tafilalet Tilouine Oasis 941 Wadi Gheris [25]
  Morocco Drâa-Tafilalet Timiderte Oasis 892 Wadi Draa [25]
  Morocco Drâa-Tafilalet Tinejdad Oasis 996 Wadi Todgha [25]
  Morocco Drâa-Tafilalet Tinfoula Oasis 897 Wadi Draa [25]
  Morocco Drâa-Tafilalet Tinghir Oasis 1282 Wadi Todra [25]
  Morocco Drâa-Tafilalet Tinighil Oasis 949 Wadi Draa [25]
  Morocco Drâa-Tafilalet Tinzouline Oasis 799 Wadi Draa [25]
  Morocco Drâa-Tafilalet Tisslit Oasis 1350 Wadi Ait Douchen [25]
  Morocco Drâa-Tafilalet Tizgaghine Oasis 988 Erg [25]
  Morocco Drâa-Tafilalet Toughza Oasis 837 Wadi Alnif [25]
  Morocco Drâa-Tafilalet Toundoute Oasis 1554 Wadi El Hajaj [25]
  Morocco Drâa-Tafilalet Zagora Oasis 724 Wadi Draa [25]
  Morocco Drâa-Tafilalet Zaouia Sidi Saleh Oasis 595 Wadi Draa [25]
  Morocco Drâa-Tafilalet Zaouiet Amelkis Oasis 945 Wadi Ziz [25]
  Morocco Drâa-Tafilalet Zaouiet Sidi Blal Oasis 1078 Wadi Ouhmidi [25]
  Morocco Drâa-Tafilalet Zouiya Oasis 1255 Wadi El Hajaj [25]
  Morocco Souss-Massa Addiss Oasis 599 Wadi Tata [25]
  Morocco Souss-Massa Adghers N Warflan Oasis 870 Wadi Asif Bu Aguinane [25]
  Morocco Souss-Massa Agadir Aserghine Oasis 778 Mountain [25]
  Morocco Souss-Massa Agoudim Oasis 1558 Wadi Souss [25]
  Morocco Souss-Massa Agrd Tamanrt Oasis 636 Wadi Tamanart [25]
  Morocco Souss-Massa Ait Hammane Oasis 461 Wadi Ait Ouabelli [25]
  Morocco Souss-Massa Ait Mansour Oasis 1256 Wadi Tamanart [25]
  Morocco Souss-Massa Ait Ouabelli Oasis 474 Wadi Ait Ouabelli [25]
  Morocco Souss-Massa Akka Ighane Oasis 801 Mountain [25]
  Morocco Souss-Massa Akka Oasis 538 Wadi Akka [25]
  Morocco Souss-Massa Alougoum Oasis 779 Wadi Zguid [25]
  Morocco Souss-Massa Amadagh Oasis 1048 Wadi Tata [25]
  Morocco Souss-Massa Anamr Oasis 819 Wadi Tamanart [25]
  Morocco Souss-Massa Annamer Oasis 1549 Wadi Tata [25]
  Morocco Souss-Massa Aoukerda Oasis 1130 Mountain [25]
  Morocco Souss-Massa Assa Igmir Oasis 1145 Wadi Tata [25]
  Morocco Souss-Massa Azraga Oasis 1481 Wadi Asif Bu Aguinane [25]
  Morocco Souss-Massa El Ayn Oasis 767 Wadi Asif Bu Aguinane [25]
  Morocco Souss-Massa El Kasba Oasis 606 Wadi Tamanart [25]
  Morocco Souss-Massa El Mhamid Oasis 664 Wadi Zguid [25]
  Morocco Souss-Massa Fam El Hisn Oasis 478 Wadi Tamanart [25]
  Morocco Souss-Massa Foum El Oued Oasis 847 Wadi Zguid [25]
  Morocco Souss-Massa Foum Zguid Oasis 647 Wadi Zguid [25]
  Morocco Souss-Massa Ibouday Oasis 1049 Wadi Tata [25]
  Morocco Souss-Massa Icht Oasis 500 Wadi Tamanart [25]
  Morocco Souss-Massa Ida Ou Lestane Oasis 766 Mountain [25]
  Morocco Souss-Massa Ighir-Igiouaz Oasis 600 Wadi Tamanart [25]
  Morocco Souss-Massa Ighmir Oasis 934 Wadi Tamanart [25]
  Morocco Souss-Massa Imitek Oasis 783 Wadi Ourgine [25]
  Morocco Souss-Massa Kiriwt Oasis 1115 Wadi Asif Bu Aguinane [25]
  Morocco Souss-Massa Oum El Guerdane Oasis 561 Wadi Tata [25]
  Morocco Souss-Massa Tagueldimt Oasis 1655 Wadi Tata [25]
  Morocco Souss-Massa Tamssoulte Oasis 790 Wadi Tamanart [25]
  Morocco Souss-Massa Targa N'hanna Oasis 758 Wadi Targa [25]
  Morocco Souss-Massa Tata Oasis 700 Wadi Tata [25]
  Morocco Souss-Massa Tiggane Oasis 550 Wadi Tata [25]
  Morocco Souss-Massa Tiguissalt Oasis 605 Wadi Tata [25]
  Morocco Souss-Massa Tiout Oasis 280 Mountain [25]
  Morocco Souss-Massa Tisenasamine Oasis 1157 Wadi Tata [25]
  Morocco Souss-Massa Tissint Oasis 558 Wadi Tissint [25]
  Morocco Souss-Massa Tizgui Ida ou Baloul Oasis 969 Wadi Akka [25]
  Morocco Souss-Massa Tizgui N Oufla Oasis 1170 Wadi Tata [25]
  Morocco Souss-Massa Zawit Oasis 1233 Wadi Souss [25]
  Morocco Souss-Massa Inraren Oasis ? ? [26]
  Morocco Guelmim-Oued Noun Aday Oasis 695 Wadi Siyad [25]
  Morocco Guelmim-Oued Noun Ait Herbil Oasis 955 Wadi Tamanart [25]
  Morocco Guelmim-Oued Noun Ait Illou Oasis 696 Wadi Siyad [25]
  Morocco Guelmim-Oued Noun Amsra Oasis 771 Mountain [25]
  Morocco Guelmim-Oued Noun Amtoudi Oasis 871 Wadi Tamanart [25]
  Morocco Guelmim-Oued Noun Assa Oasis 305 Wadi Assa [25]
  Morocco Guelmim-Oued Noun Bouizakarne Oasis 620 Mountain [25]
  Morocco Guelmim-Oued Noun Ifrane Atlas-Saghir Oasis 768 Wadi Ifraane [25]
  Morocco Guelmim-Oued Noun Tagant Oasis 531 Wadi Tamissouri [25]
  Morocco Guelmim-Oued Noun Taghjijt Oasis 573 Wadi Siyad [25]
  Morocco Guelmim-Oued Noun Tainzert Oasis 646 Wadi Siyad [25]
  Morocco Guelmim-Oued Noun Tighmert Oasis 287 Wadi Siyad [25]
  Morocco Guelmim-Oued Noun Tiglit Oasis 305 Wadi Dara'a [25]
  Morocco Guelmim-Oued Noun Timoulay Oasis 669 Wadi Ifraane [25]
  Niger Agadez Abardok Oasis 822 Wadi Amdigra [27]
  Niger Agadez Adaouda Oasis 906 Wadi Téloues [27]
  Niger Agadez Aney Oasis 393 Depression [27]
  Niger Agadez Aouderas Oasis 793 Wadi Tamazelak [27]
  Niger Agadez Aoukadede Oasis 1477 Depression [27]
  Niger Agadez Arlit Oasis 418 Erg [27]
  Niger Agadez Bagzan nAmmass Oasis 1537 Depression [27]
  Niger Agadez Bilma Oasis 364 Depression [27]
  Niger Agadez Debaga Oasis 577 Wadi Teloua [27]
  Niger Agadez Djado Oasis 447 Depression [27]
  Niger Agadez Emalawle Oasis 1458 Depression [27]
  Niger Agadez Fachi Oasis 371 Depression [27]
  Niger Agadez Iferouane/Afassa Oasis 660 Wadi Iberkoum [27]
  Niger Agadez Ingall Oasis 487 Wadi Tchinakawatane [27]
  Niger Agadez Dirkou Oasis 377 Depression [27]
  Niger Agadez Seguedine Oasis 415 Depression [27]
  Niger Agadez Tabelot Oasis 858 Wadi Téloues [27]
  Niger Agadez Tadara Oasis 954 Wadi Téloues [27]
  Niger Agadez Tagabada Oasis 775 Wadi Téloues [27]
  Niger Agadez Takazanza Oasis 857 Wadi Amdigra [27]
  Niger Agadez Tassissat Oasis 1530 Depression [27]
  Niger Agadez Tchirozerine Oasis 507 Wadi Tchirozerine [27]
  Niger Agadez Timia Oasis 877 Mountain [27]
  Niger Diffa Adebour Oasis 315 Erg [27]
  Niger Diffa Cheri Oasis 325 Erg [27]
  Niger Diffa Dabalia Oasis 338 Erg [27]
  Niger Diffa Ganga Oasis 322 Erg [27]
  Niger Zinder Guidimouni Oasis 403 Erg [27]
  Oman Al Buraymi A D'lhah Oasis 614 Wadi Kadra [28]
  Oman Al Buraymi Ajran Oasis 623 Wadi Ajran [28]
  Oman Al Buraymi Al Wasit Oasis 510 Erg [28]
  Oman Al Buraymi Alkhbayn Oasis 658 Wadi Hamidah [28]
  Oman Al Buraymi Ar Rayy Oasis 549 Wadi Hatta [28]
  Oman Al Buraymi As Sunainah Oasis 259 Erg [28]
  Oman Al Buraymi Daqiq Oasis 827 Wadi Kitnah [28]
  Oman Al Buraymi Halahil Oasis 802 Wadi As Suhayli [28]
  Oman Al Buraymi Harim Oasis 742 Wadi Ajran [28]
  Oman Al Buraymi Kitnah Oasis 669 Wadi Kitnah [28]
  Oman Al Buraymi Mahdah Oasis 430 Wadi Hywan/Musydirah [28]
  Oman Al Buraymi Masah Oasis 645 Wadi Bid [28]
  Oman Al Buraymi Nuway Oasis 451 Wadi Sharm [28]
  Oman Al Buraymi Rabi Oasis 504 Wadi Kitnah [28]
  Oman Al Batinah North Al Ablah Oasis 598 Wadi As Suhayli [28]
  Oman Al Batinah North Al Ghadifah Oasis 470 Wadi Sudari [28]
  Oman Al Batinah North Al Ghushayn Oasis 605 Wadi Shafan [28]
  Oman Al Batinah North Al Mahbab Oasis 701 Wadi Hawqain [28]
  Oman Al Batinah North Al Zuwayhir Oasis 362 Wadi Al Sermi [28]
  Oman Al Batinah North Bu'ayq Oasis 317 Wadi Bani Omar [28]
  Oman Al Batinah North Dabah Oasis 655 Wadi Hawqain [28]
  Oman Al Batinah North Dallah Oasis 657 Wadi Shafan [28]
  Oman Al Batinah North Farfar Oasis 541 Wadi Nasil [28]
  Oman Al Batinah North Hailain Oasis 309 Wadi Al Jahwir [28]
  Oman Al Batinah North Hyad Oasis 659 Wadi As Suhayli [28]
  Oman Al Batinah North Kanut Oasis 373 Wadi Al Sermi [28]
  Oman Al Batinah North Khan Oasis 373 Wadi Nasil [28]
  Oman Al Batinah North Khubaytah Oasis 398 Wadi Sudari [28]
  Oman Al Batinah North Rajmi Oasis 415 Wadi Rajma'a [28]
  Oman Al Batinah North Ruqqah Oasis 403 Wadi Al Sermi [28]
  Oman Al Batinah North Zaymi Oasis 528 Wadi Zaymi [28]
  Oman Al Batinah South Ad Dif Oasis 524 Wadi Hawqain [28]
  Oman Al Batinah South Adh Dhahur Oasis 589 Wadi Hawqain [28]
  Oman Al Batinah South Afi Oasis 229 Wadi Afi [28]
  Oman Al Batinah South Al Abyad Oasis 215 Wadi Far [28]
  Oman Al Batinah South Al Awabi Oasis 497 Wadi Bani Kharous [28]
  Oman Al Batinah South Al Far Oasis 466 Wadi Ban Awf [28]
  Oman Al Batinah South Al Hajir Oasis 1121 Mountain [28]
  Oman Al Batinah South Al Hijir Oasis 686 Mountain [28]
  Oman Al Batinah South Al Jamma Oasis 137 Depression [28]
  Oman Al Batinah South Al Madinah Oasis 343 Wadi Hawqain [28]
  Oman Al Batinah South Al Manazif Oasis 399 Wadi Hawqain [28]
  Oman Al Batinah South Al Maydan Oasis 616 Wadi Hawqain [28]
  Oman Al Batinah South Al Misfah Oasis 208 Wadi Misfah [28]
  Oman Al Batinah South Al Ulyah Oasis 877 Wadi Musfa [28]
  Oman Al Batinah South Al Wishayl Oasis 257 Wadi Misfah [28]
  Oman Al Batinah South An Nid Oasis 812 Wadi Sahtan [28]
  Oman Al Batinah South Ar Rajlah Oasis 559 Wadi Hawqain [28]
  Oman Al Batinah South Ash Shibika Oasis 200 Wadi Misfah [28]
  Oman Al Batinah South At Tabaqah Oasis 457 Wadi Sahtan [28]
  Oman Al Batinah South Bald Sayt Oasis 976 Mountain [28]
  Oman Al Batinah South Daris Oasis 168 Depression [28]
  Oman Al Batinah South Falaj Bani Umar Oasis 189 Wadi Misfah [28]
  Oman Al Batinah South Fasah Oasis 622 Wadi Sahtan [28]
  Oman Al Batinah South Hawqayn Oasis 242 Wadi Hawqain [28]
  Oman Al Batinah South Hayjar Oasis 748 Wadi Bani Kharous [28]
  Oman Al Batinah South Hayl as Sawaluh Oasis 598 Wadi Hawqain [28]
  Oman Al Batinah South Hibra Oasis 187 Depression [28]
  Oman Al Batinah South Istal Oasis 671 Wadi Bani Kharous [28]
  Oman Al Batinah South Khadra Oasis 515 Wadi Sahtan [28]
  Oman Al Batinah South Khafdi Oasis 445 Wadi Hawqain [28]
  Oman Al Batinah South Nakhal Oasis 323 Mountain [28]
  Oman Al Batinah South Rustaq Oasis 348 Wadi Al Kur [28]
  Oman Al Batinah South Sini Oasis 648 Wadi Hawqain [28]
  Oman Al Batinah South Sunaybah Oasis 725 Wadi Bani Kharous [28]
  Oman Al Batinah South Wadi Bani Harras Oasis 766 Wadi Bani Harras [28]
  Oman Al Batinah South Yiqa Oasis 553 Wadi Hawqain [28]
  Oman Muscat Al Jeela Oasis 486 Wadi Ash Shab [28]
  Oman Muscat Al Khoud Old Oasis 82 Wadi Al Khoud [28]
  Oman Muscat Hayl Al Ghaf Oasis 50 Depression [28]
  Oman Muscat Siya Oasis 298 Wadi Sasrin [28]
  Oman Al Dhahirah Al Ayn Oasis 639 Wadi Al Ayn [28]
  Oman Al Dhahirah Al Basatin Oasis 867 Wadi Al Hijr [28]
  Oman Al Dhahirah Al Hawmaniyah Oasis 541 Wadi Shumayt [28]
  Oman Al Dhahirah Al Hayl Oasis 689 Wadi Al Ayn [28]
  Oman Al Dhahirah Al Hayyal Oasis 529 Wadi Habis [28]
  Oman Al Dhahirah Al Hijr Oasis 678 Wadi Al Hijr [28]
  Oman Al Dhahirah Al Wuqbah Oasis 719 Wadi Bayha [28]
  Oman Al Dhahirah An Nujayd Oasis 596 Wadi Ibat [28]
  Oman Al Dhahirah Bid'ah Oasis 913 Wadi Shumayt [28]
  Oman Al Dhahirah Bulaydah Oasis 776 Wadi Bulaydah [28]
  Oman Al Dhahirah Damm Oasis 725 Wadi Damm [28]
  Oman Al Dhahirah Dhank Oasis 343 Wadi Dank [28]
  Oman Al Dhahirah Harat Al Hisin Oasis 399 Wadi Dank [28]
  Oman Al Dhahirah Harat Khatu Oasis 464 Wadi Dank [28]
  Oman Al Dhahirah Ibri Oasis 360 Wadi Al Ayn [28]
  Oman Al Dhahirah Kahanat Oasis 692 Wadi/Hamada [28]
  Oman Al Dhahirah Maqabil Oasis 490 Erg [28]
  Oman Al Dhahirah Maqniyat Oasis 702 Wadi Maqniyat [28]
  Oman Al Dhahirah Miskin Oasis 647 Wadi Ibat [28]
  Oman Al Dhahirah Yanqul Oasis 565 Wadi Dank [28]
  Oman Ad Dakhiliyah Adam Oasis 283 Wadi Al Athl [28]
  Oman Ad Dakhiliyah Al Ayshah Oasis 585 Wadi Al Khahfa/As Safil [28]
  Oman Ad Dakhiliyah Al Ghafat Oasis 549 Wadi Sayfam [28]
  Oman Ad Dakhiliyah Al Hamra Oasis 647 Wadi Al Hamra [28]
  Oman Ad Dakhiliyah Al Jirayfat Oasis 766 Wadi Nakhr [28]
  Oman Ad Dakhiliyah Al Qariyatain Oasis 561 Wadi Qant [28]
  Oman Ad Dakhiliyah Bahla Oasis 569 Wadi Al Munbuk [28]
  Oman Ad Dakhiliyah Bidbid Oasis 218 Wadi Bidbid [28]
  Oman Ad Dakhiliyah Bilad Sayt Oasis 632 Wadi Almantaq [28]
  Oman Ad Dakhiliyah Birkat Al Mouz Oasis 565 Wadi Wasit [28]
  Oman Ad Dakhiliyah Fanja Oasis 169 Wadi Fanja [28]
  Oman Ad Dakhiliyah Imti Oasis 594 Wadi Al Hajar [28]
  Oman Ad Dakhiliyah Izki Oasis 550 Wadi Al Hajar [28]
  Oman Ad Dakhiliyah Ma'bas Oasis 583 Depression [28]
  Oman Ad Dakhiliyah Manah Oasis 422 Depression [28]
  Oman Ad Dakhiliyah Manal Oasis 523 Wadi Qari [28]
  Oman Ad Dakhiliyah Masram Oasis 710 Wadi Muharram [28]
  Oman Ad Dakhiliyah Misfat Al Abriyyin Oasis 915 Wadi Maqal [28]
  Oman Ad Dakhiliyah Muskaysa Oasis 630 Wadi Qant [28]
  Oman Ad Dakhiliyah Nida Oasis 439 Wadi Assijani [28]
  Oman Ad Dakhiliyah Nizwa Oasis 522 Wadi Sumayt [28]
  Oman Ad Dakhiliyah Said Oasis 568 Wadi Qari [28]
  Oman Ad Dakhiliyah Samail Oasis 368 Wadi Samail [28]
  Oman Ad Dakhiliyah Saroor Oasis 260 Wadi Bidbid [28]
  Oman Ad Dakhiliyah Sajae Oasis 495 Wadi Sumail [28]
  Oman Ad Dakhiliyah Sayq Oasis 1867 Mountain [28]
  Oman Ad Dakhiliyah Tanuf Oasis 616 Wadi Tanuf [28]
  Oman Ad Dakhiliyah Wadi Al Ala Oasis 605 Wadi Al Ala [28]
  Oman Ad Dakhiliyah Wusad Oasis 546 Wadi Qari [28]
  Oman Ash Sharqiyah North Al Buwaiten Oasis 401 Depression [28]
  Oman Ash Sharqiyah North Al Fath Oasis 429 Depression [28]
  Oman Ash Sharqiyah North Al Hammam Oasis 434 Wadi Al Khabbah [28]
  Oman Ash Sharqiyah North Al Khadra Oasis 484 Wadi Indam [28]
  Oman Ash Sharqiyah North Al Khashabah Oasis 420 Depression [28]
  Oman Ash Sharqiyah North Al Mudaireb Oasis 358 Wadi Aghda [28]
  Oman Ash Sharqiyah North Al Mudaybi Oasis 402 Depression [28]
  Oman Ash Sharqiyah North Al Muktra Oasis 428 Depression [28]
  Oman Ash Sharqiyah North Al Qabil Oasis 432 Wadi Al Lithili [28]
  Oman Ash Sharqiyah North Al Rawdha Oasis 607 Wadi Musfa [28]
  Oman Ash Sharqiyah North Al Ruddah Oasis 373 Depression [28]
  Oman Ash Sharqiyah North Al Wafi Oasis 395 Wadi Indam [28]
  Oman Ash Sharqiyah North Al Wasil Oasis 315 Depression [28]
  Oman Ash Sharqiyah North An Niba Oasis 406 Wadi Aghda [28]
  Oman Ash Sharqiyah North Aqda'a Oasis 393 Wadi Al Khabbah [28]
  Oman Ash Sharqiyah North As Sarm Oasis 424 Wadi Aghda [28]
  Oman Ash Sharqiyah North As Sumayiyyah Oasis 453 Wadi Al Khabbah [28]
  Oman Ash Sharqiyah North Awf Oasis 657 Wadi Shuriji [28]
  Oman Ash Sharqiyah North Ayn Al Khashen Oasis 446 Wadi Manqa [28]
  Oman Ash Sharqiyah North Batin Oasis 438 Wadi Aghda [28]
  Oman Ash Sharqiyah North Bdh Oasis 722 Wadi Bani Khalid [28]
  Oman Ash Sharqiyah North Bidiyah Oasis 293 Depression [28]
  Oman Ash Sharqiyah North Hilm Oasis 900 Wadi Manqal [28]
  Oman Ash Sharqiyah North Haul Oasis 600 Wadi Manqal [28]
  Oman Ash Sharqiyah North Hubat Oasis 547 Wadi Musfa [28]
  Oman Ash Sharqiyah North Ibra Oasis 479 Wadi Nam [28]
  Oman Ash Sharqiyah North Kharma Oasis 521 Wadi Qant [28]
  Oman Ash Sharqiyah North Lizq Oasis 490 Depression [28]
  Oman Ash Sharqiyah North Maqta Oasis 389 Wadi Bani Khalid [28]
  Oman Ash Sharqiyah North Miss Oasis 591 Wadi Wasit [28]
  Oman Ash Sharqiyah North Munjarid Oasis 409 Wadi Aghda [28]
  Oman Ash Sharqiyah North Naqsi Oasis 652 Wadi Wasit [28]
  Oman Ash Sharqiyah North Sabt Oasis 339 Wadi Bani Khalid [28]
  Oman Ash Sharqiyah North Samad Al Shan Oasis 572 Wadi Musfa [28]
  Oman Ash Sharqiyah North Saman Oasis 506 Wadi Shuriji [28]
  Oman Ash Sharqiyah North Sinaw Oasis 357 Depression [28]
  Oman Ash Sharqiyah North Saut Al Khadima Oasis 306 Wadi Al Khabbah [28]
  Oman Ash Sharqiyah North Al Rakaikh Oasis 327 Wadi Al Khabbah [28]
  Oman Ash Sharqiyah North Mehlah Oasis 348 Wadi Al Khabbah [28]
  Oman Ash Sharqiyah North Tool Oasis 271 Wadi Al Khabbah [28]
  Oman Ash Sharqiyah North Ulyah Oasis 394 Wadi Al Khabbah [28]
  Oman Ash Sharqiyah North Uyun Oasis 311 Depression [28]
  Oman Ash Sharqiyah North Wadi Bani Khalid Oasis 669 Wadi Bani Khalid [28]
  Oman Ash Sharqiyah South Al Kamil Oasis 160 Wadi Bani Khalid [28]
  Oman Ash Sharqiyah South Bani Bu Ali Oasis ? Wadi Bani Khalid [28]
  Oman Ash Sharqiyah South Jalan Bani Buhassan Oasis 108 Wadi Bani Khalid [28]
  Oman Ash Sharqiyah South Sayma Oasis 260 Wadi Tiwi [28]
  Oman Dhofar Salalah Oasis 8 Depression [28]
  Saudi Arabia Al Jawf Dumat Al-Jandal Oasis 584 Depression [29]
  Saudi Arabia Tabuk Tayma Oasis 812 Depression [29]
  Saudi Arabia Ash Sharqiyah Al Ahsa Oasis 149 Depression [29]
  Saudi Arabia Ash Sharqiyah Al Hafayer Oasis 180 Depression [29]
  Saudi Arabia Ash Sharqiyah Yabrin Oasis 173 Depression [29]
  Saudi Arabia Al Madinah Al Disah Oasis 564 Wadi Al Disah [29]
  Saudi Arabia Al Madinah Al Mindassah Oasis 533 Wadi Al Himd [29]
  Saudi Arabia Al Madinah Al Ula Oasis 692 Wadi Al Ula [29]
  Saudi Arabia Al Madinah Buwat Oasis 493 Wadi Buwat [29]
  Saudi Arabia Al Madinah Khaibar Oasis 714 Wadi Idam [29]
  Saudi Arabia Al Madinah Kale Oasis 701 Wadi Idam [29]
  Saudi Arabia Al Madinah Medinah Oasis 584 Wadi Aqiq [29]
  Saudi Arabia Al Madinah Mogayra Oasis 583 Depression [29]
  Saudi Arabia Al Madinah Shajwa Oasis 554 Wadi Al Himd [29]
  Saudi Arabia Ar Riyad Al Diriyyah Oasis 658 Wadi Hanifah [29]
  Saudi Arabia Ar Riyad Al Hariq Oasis 675 Mountain [29]
  Saudi Arabia Ar Riyad Al Hulwah Oasis 594 Wadi Barik [29]
  Saudi Arabia Ar Riyad Howtat Bani Tamim Oasis 575 Wadi Barik [29]
  Saudi Arabia Ar Riyad Naam Oasis 635 Mountain [29]
  Saudi Arabia Makkah Al Gharith Oasis 1083 Wadi Turba [29]
  Saudi Arabia Najran Najran Oasis 1307 Wadi Najran [29]
  Syria Damascus Ghouta Oasis ? ? [citation needed]
  Tunisia Gafsa El Guettar Oasis 224 Mountain [30]
  Tunisia Gafsa Gafsa Oasis 281 Wadi Baiash [30]
  Tunisia Tozeur Chebika Oasis 115 Mountain [30]
  Tunisia Tozeur Dguache Oasis 48 Depression [30]
  Tunisia Tozeur Hammat Al Jarid Oasis 40 Depression [30]
  Tunisia Tozeur Midès Oasis 367 Wadi Al Adwi [30]
  Tunisia Tozeur Naftah Oasis 35 Depression [30]
  Tunisia Tozeur Tamaqzah Oasis 276 Wadi Tamaqzah [30]
  Tunisia Tozeur Tamerza Oasis ? Mountain [9][31]
  Tunisia Tozeur Tozeur Oasis 36 Depression [30]
  Tunisia Kebili Blidet Oasis 32 Depression [30]
  Tunisia Kebili Douz Oasis 63 Depression [30]
  Tunisia Kebili El Faouar Oasis 51 Depression [30]
  Tunisia Kebili Es Sabria Oasis 57 Depression [30]
  Tunisia Kebili Ghidma Oasis 27 Depression [30]
  Tunisia Kebili Jamnah Oasis 46 Depression [30]
  Tunisia Kebili Kebili Oasis 35 Depression [30]
  Tunisia Kebili Ksar Ghilane Oasis 210 Erg [30]
  Tunisia Kebili Nouail Oasis 32 Depression [30]
  Tunisia Kebili Radhouan Oasis 112 Depression [30]
  Tunisia Kebili Steftimi Oasis 40 Depression [30]
  Tunisia Kebili Souk Lahad Oasis 63 Depression [30]
  Tunisia Kebili Telmine Oasis 24 Depression [30]
  Tunisia Gabès Al Hammah Oasis 58 Depression [30]
  Tunisia Gabès Al Zar At Oasis 18 Wadi Tarmaman [30]
  Tunisia Gabès Ben Ghilouf Oasis 37 Depression [30]
  Tunisia Gabès El Mdou Oasis 49 Wadi Gabès [30]
  Tunisia Gabès Gabès Oasis 15 Wadi Gabès [30]
  Tunisia Gabès Kettana Oasis 28 Wadi Al Hajal [30]
  Tunisia Gabès Mareth Oasis 43 Wadi Tarmaman [30]
  Tunisia Gabès Metouia Oasis 24 Depression [30]
  Tunisia Gabès Oudref Oasis 25 Wadi Al Maleh [30]
  Tunisia Médenine Ksar Hallouf Oasis 450 Wadi Al Hallouf [30]
  Tunisia Tataouine Ksar El Ferich Oasis 276 Wadi Al Kosh [30]
  Tunisia Tataouine Ksar Ouled Debbab Oasis 298 Wadi Al Khmah [30]
  Tunisia Tataouine Ksar Tlalet Oasis 232 Wadi Tlalet [30]
  Tunisia Tataouine Ksar Daghara Oasis 300 Wadi [30]
  Tunisia Tataouine Tataouine Oasis 307 Wadi Tataouine [30]
Daşoguz Province
Khorezm Oasis ? ? [32]
  United Arab Emirates Abu Dhabi Al Ain Oasis 292 Erg [33]
  United Arab Emirates Abu Dhabi Liwa Oasis 130 Erg [33]
  Yemen Hadramawt Abdullah Gharib Oasis 281 Wadi Hima [34]
  Yemen Hadramawt Ad-Dees Ash-Sharqia Oasis 95 Wadi Omar [34]
  Yemen Hadramawt Al Hawi Oasis 663 Wadi Hadramawt [34]
  Yemen Hadramawt Al Jadidah Oasis 1068 Wadi Dawan [34]
  Yemen Hadramawt Al Jaha Oasis 310 Wadi Bdsh [34]
  Yemen Hadramawt Al Khamilah Oasis 1043 Wadi ‘Amad [34]
  Yemen Hadramawt Al Khuraibah Oasis 1039 Wadi Dawan [34]
  Yemen Hadramawt Al Qatn Oasis 678 Wadi Hadramawt [34]
  Yemen Hadramawt Alaqqad Oasis 672 Wadi Hadramawt [34]
  Yemen Hadramawt Alghurfa Oasis 651 Wadi Hadramawt [34]
  Yemen Hadramawt Alkhamra Oasis 738