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The Online Books Page is an index of e-text books available on the Internet.[1] It is edited by John Mark Ockerbloom and is hosted by the library of the University of Pennsylvania.[2] The Online Books Page lists over 2 million books[3] and has several features, such as A Celebration of Women Writers and Banned Books Online.

The Online Books Page
ProducerUniversity of Pennsylvania (United States)
Record depthIndex
Format coverageBooks
No. of recordsOver 2 million
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The Online Books Page was the second substantial effort to catalog online texts, but the first to do so with the rigors required by library science. It first appeared on the Web in the summer of 1993. The Internet Public Library came shortly thereafter.

The web site was named one of the best free reference web sites in 2003 by the Machine-Assisted Reference Section of the American Library Association.[2]

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