Popalzai or Popalzay (Pashto: پوپلزی), also known as Popal, are Durrani (formerly called Abdali or Bor Tareen) Pashtuns of Afghanistan. The Popalzai are part of the Zirak confederation of Pashtun tribes.[1] The origin of the Abdali forefathers of the Sadozai tribe is probably the Hephthalites.[2] The forefathers of Ahmad Shāh Durrānī, the founder of the Durrani Empire, were from the Sadozai tribe which is a subtribe of the Popalzai. According to Mohan Lal, the Zirak line begins with Sulaiman Zirak Khan, who was the father of Popalzai, Barakzai, and Alakozai.[3] The tribe's origin is Kandahar, Afghanistan. The majority of the Popalzai live in the southern areas of Afghanistan such as in Kandahar, Helmand or Uruzgan. A small number of Popalzais and Sadozais live in Pakistan, particularly in the cities of Quetta, Bannu, Dera Ismail Khan, Sudhanoti District, Poonch, In Azad Kashmir, Sadhan is known as Sadozai, a branch of the Popalzai tribe. [4] Peshawar and Multan. Some members of the Popalzai tribe have migrated with their families to the European Union, North America, and Oceania. Notable members of the Popalzai tribe include Hamid Karzai and his extended family, Karim Popal, Naim Popal, and Khalida Popal.[5][6]

Coronation of Ahmad Shah Durrani in 1747 by Breshna.jpg
Coronation of Ahmad Shah Durr-i-Durrān by Abdali chiefs at Kandahar in 1747
LocationAfghanistan, Pakistan
Parent tribeZirak (Durrani)
ReligionStar and Crescent.svg Islam
Pedigree of King Dost Mohammad Khan, Emir of Afghanistan. Figure shows the branching of the Abdal dynasty into the Popal (founder of the Popalzai; spelled 'Fofal' in figure), Barak (founder of the Barakzai), and Alako (founder of the Alakozai) line. (The fourth branch, Achakzai, is missing.)[citation needed]

Notable peopleEdit


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