Pratapgarh Estate

Pratapgarh was a Rajput estate or Jagir of Oudh, India. The rulers of the estate were originally ruling from a place known as Taroul or Tiroul near Allahabad. The ancestor of the family was Babu Sujan Shah, son of Raja Sangram Shah of Tiroul. Later a descendant, Babu Pratap Singh (1628–1683) came to the region known as Rampur and built a fort, and gave the city its current name, Pratapgarh.

Raja's of PratapgarhEdit

  • Babu Pratap Singh (1628–1682)
  • Babu Jai Singh (1682–1728)
  • Babu Chhataradari Singh
  • Babu Prithvipat Singh
  • Babu Duniapat Singh
  • Raja Bahadur Singh
  • Raja Abhiman Singh
  • Raja Gulab Singh
  • Raja Ajit Singh (1877–1889)
  • Raja Pratap Bahadur Singh (1889–1921)
  • Raja Ajit Pratap Singh (1921–2000), crowned at the age of four, Member of Parliament of 3rd & 4th Lok Sabha.
  • Raja Abhay Pratap Singh (2000–2013), Member of Parliament of 10th Lok Sabha.
  • Raja Anil Pratap Singh (2013–present)

Other estates in Pratapgarh districtEdit


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