Scrubber (brush)

A scrubber (German: Schrubber), is a type of wide brush with a long shaft used for cleaning hard floors or surfaces. Unlike a broom, which has soft bristles to sweep dirt away, a scrubber has hard bristles for brushing. It may therefore be used wet, with water or cleaning fluids. Around the brush head there may also be a removable floorcloth or mop, either soaked in water for cleaning or dry for wiping dry. However, these days other cleaning implements tend to be used for such purposes.

Sailors scrubbing the deck on the USS Dwight D. Eisenhower

In North Germany and in sailor's language, a scrubber is also called a Leuwagen, hence in large firms or offices a cleaning party is sometimes jokingly called a Leuwagenballett ("scrubber ballet").

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