Shah Jahan III

Shah Jahan III (Persian pronunciation: [ʃɑːh d͡ʒa'hɑːn]; b. 1711 – d. 1772), also known as Mirza Muhi-ul-millat (Persian: میرزا محی الملت), was the sixteenth Mughal Emperor, albeit briefly. He was the son of Muhi us-Sunnat, the eldest son of Muhammad Kam Bakhsh who was the youngest son of Aurangzeb. He was placed on the Mughal throne in December 1759 as a result of the intricacies in Delhi with the help of Imad-ul-Mulk. He was later deposed by Mughal chiefs, acting in the name of the exiled Mughal Emperor Shah Alam II.[1]

محی الملت
Al-Sultan Al-Azam
Shah Jahan III of India.jpg
Shah Jahan III of India
16th Mughal Emperor
Reign10 December 1759 – 10 October 1760
PredecessorAlamgir II
SuccessorShah Alam II
BornMirza Muhi-ul-Millat
c. 1711
Mughal Empire
Diedc. 1772
(aged 60–61)
Mughal Empire
SpouseSadat Begum
  • Mirza Sa'adat Bakht Bahadur
  • Mirza Ikram Bahadur
Mirza Muhi-ul-Millat Shah Jahan III
Era dates
Regnal name
Shah Jahan III (Persian: شاه جهان سوم)
HouseHouse of Babur
DynastyTimurid.svg Timurid dynasty
FatherMuhi us-Sunnat
MotherRushqimi Begum
ReligionSunni Islam (Hanafi)


Preceded by Mughal Emperor
10 December 1759 – 10 October 1760
Succeeded by