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Under the external links, I think that is a better example for this article (the architectural aspects of acanthus ornamentation) than (it focuses on the acanthus more as a decoration. I am the page owner, so I don't want to make the call on this.

Really, it seems to me that there should almost be two wiki pages or at least two sections in this page. Acanthus leaves are used extensively both in architectural and in decorative ways. The architectural way is most commonly associated with the Corinthian style of architecture, but it is used in more ways than just capping a column. The leaves also decorate all sorts of non-architectural items, too. That's why I have two pages (three if you count photos of the plant itself) dedicated to the acanthus.

On the other hand, these pages are already considered stubs. Maybe instead of breaking the pages apart more, it would be better to recombine the separate parts into a larger page. I'm not sure on the proper Wiki way of organizing things. It seems that articles that are too long often get cut into smaller pieces, and then the Wiki complains that there is not enough information. That seems to be the case here.

Willscrlt 10:22, 3 October 2006 (UTC)Reply[reply]