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Rosewater festival in KashanEdit

Among all the cities of Iran with this large number of tourist attractions, Kashan has a special place and is considered as one of the most important cities in Iran tourism and it hosts many tourists every day. Especially in the spring and summer, this city has become one of the most important destinations for them and many trips to Kashan take place to visit the historical and natural attractions of this city and also Participate in the ceremonies like rosewater festival in Kashan that Is a long-standing and spectacular ritual of Kashan. The fame of Kashan Mohammadi flower Rosewater has existed in historical periods in Kashan, and to prove this claim, we can mention the Rosewater holidays, one of the ceremonies in ancient Iranian culture in Kashan. In 52 and 54 SH years, when Bulgarian experts studied on roses, it was concluded that the Mohammadi rose of Ghamsar in Kashan, in comparison with similar samples elsewhere, has a better quality and superiority.Most European cologne companies for making perfumes use essential oil of Qamsar flowers. This has caused the perfume and rosewater of Qamsar to remain a name product for a long time. In the reputation of Ghamsar, it is enough that the house of God, Kaaba is washed every day with the pure Mohammadi essential oil of this city.

What is rosewater festival? One of the wonders of Iran, is the growth of most beautiful and perfumed flowers in Kashan's desert province.This city is located in central desert of Iran. It also has warm and desert climate. The rosewater festival in Kashan date backs to many years ago; this festival in May 2018, attended by 80 countries.

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