Wikipedia:List of templates linking to other free content projects

Below is a list of templates for linking to other free content resources on the Internet.

Template URL License Hosted by Devoted to
Template:BabylonProject The Babylon Project GFDL Wikia Babylon 5
Template:Curlie Curlie CC BY 3.0 Open Directory Project
Template:Digimon Wiki Digimon Wiki GFDL Wikia Digimon
Template:Forgotten Realms Wikia Forgotten Realms Wikia GFDL Wikia Forgotten Realms
Template:HarryPotterWiki Harry Potter Wiki GFDL Wikia Harry Potter
Template:JoeWiki Joepedia GFDL Wikia GI Joe
Template:Muppets Muppet Wiki GFDL Wikia The Muppets
Template:TardisIndexFile The Tardis Index File GFDL Wikia Doctor Who
Template:Wiki24 Wiki 24 GFDL Wikia 24
Template:Wookieepedia box Wookieepedia GFDL Wikia Star Wars
Template:Librivox book & Template:Librivox author LibriVox Public domain Public domain audiobooks of public domain books
Template:Gutenberg book & Template:Gutenberg author The Project Gutenberg Public domain Free eBooks
Template:Internet Archive & its subtemplates Internet Archive Varies (e.g. Creative Commons) An Internet library that offers permanent access to historical collections that exist in digital format.

These templates should be categorized in Category:External link templates.