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This project aims to better organize information in articles related to textile arts on Wikipedia. A major problem is organizing the vast amount of information that has been and continues to be collected. A primary goal of this project is to collect and organize this information and make it accessible to everyone, regardless of their skill level.

If you would like to help, feel free to add yourself to the list of participants, or just look over the How you can help section below. Also of interest is the Clothing Portal associated with this project.

Concrete goalsEdit

  • Create and perfect articles on the fundamental topics in textile arts, with a particular focus on subjects that are most commonly taught. The perfect article is complete, but accessible to a secondary school student.
  • Create a standard system for presenting the information about the textile arts.

How you can helpEdit


Look for something to do? Make an article, make a stub, assess an article and, above all, have fun! :)

Improve articlesEdit

  • The article worklist contains a list of all of the articles that have been identified as being of top importance to the project. Most of these articles are easy to improve and assistance is welcome. For example, can you improve Beadwork or Rug making?
  • Contribute to a team effort by expanding one of our stubs. If it grows to five times its original length within five days' time the improvement may qualify for the "Did you know" section on Wikipedia's front page and raise the visibility of our project. For example, can you expand Ladder yarn or Box stitch?
  • Add a picture to one of our articles needing photos. For example, can you upload a photo of Kersey (cloth) or Rissverklebung?

Categorize the many Textile-related articlesEdit

Direct our focusEdit

  • Join us in discussions on the talk page, so that we can take our ideas off the drawing board and put them into action. Go there, choose a conversation, read it and add your two cents!
  • The Clothing Portal always needs to be maintained!

Improve the project itselfEdit

  • Assist in public relations and outreach by recruiting editors interested in all forms of textile arts to contribute to Wikipedia.
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Here is a list of Textile Arts Wikiproject members, together with some of their interests. To join the group, please add yourself to the list of participants, ideally in alphabetical order.

  Name  Talk page   Special interests
Alizera Talk The only textile arts I'm really into is crocheting. One of these days I'll get around to teaching myself to knit, but that time isn't here yet. :P I'm still a bit new to Wikipedia so bear with me.
Anarchyshake Talk I am a knitter and crocheter, though I also do some sewing. I grew up quilting, a lot of my friends and family still do, I just don't have the space where I'm at now. I'm a library school student, and I'm really interested in expanding the scope and articles in the Quilt Art category.
Alex2056 Talk I knit and crochet, often with plarn. I am new to Wikipedia, so please correct me if I make a mistake.
AnnaKucsma Talk Mostly, I knit. I'm mostly self-taught, to a skill level somewhere in the vicinity of "intermediate" (but exactly where is debatable). I quilt a little, too, but am fully self-taught here and probably don't have a lot to say that hasn't already been said. And I'm teaching myself to spin.
Ariadia Talk I work professionally in a small custom fiber mill in the US. I knit, spin, weave, sew and dabble in crochet and felting. I'm still getting the hang of contributing to Wikipedia but it's been on my to-do list for a long time. I hang out on under the same name if you want to find me there.
ArtProf Talk I'm interested in all crafts, but especially textiles. I teach craft and art history at Tennessee Technological University and I'm also a photographer and fiber artist. I've published and put together web pages to share my research and am very interested in sharing it here, too. Right now I'm overwhelmed with other things to do, but will try to add things to Wiki little by little. I'm TapestryCrochet on Ravelry and moderate a group there at .
Bards Talk Interested in all forms of clothing, fashion, textiles and crafts. Amateur designer and DIY maker of things, often hi-tech. I like to restructure messy categories, as a way of learning.
Bluevalkyrie Talk I'm a computer geek who also happens to sew. I enjoy complicated sewing patterns since sewing is sort of like a puzzle for me, and hard puzzles are more fun. I'm here since I found the articles on sewing to be lacking, and while I'm not a professional seamstress by any means I do enjoy it as a hobby.
blahedo Talk A good friend taught me to knit during Spring Break in 2003, and I've been knitting ever since. More recently I've learned how to crochet. I've been able to sew for some time—including making a peasant shirt entirely by hand—but more for utilitarian purposes than as a hobby.
BlindEagle Talk I can knit, crochet and am interested in learning to spin. I needle and wet felt albeit quite poorly. My main interest is in exotic raw fiber usage like Llama and such.
Chipple521 Talk I have been quilting for almost 30 years and own a longarm machine. I also knit, crochet, and do some garment sewing. I am new to Wikipedia editing and this is my first non-sandbox post!
Cirt Talk Stuff related to Portal:Textile Arts.
Coat of Many Colours Talk Ethnographic textiles. I usually edit in the Visual Arts but propose to spend some time soon on Commons uploading images. I happen to be a mathematician and a knowledgeable Windows programmer should these skills ever prove useful, though I'm usually rather busy. Back in 1977 when the first microchips were emerging, I embarked on a project to computerise a four heddle cottage loom ... I got the thing working sort of ... in principle anyway ;). All I've ever actually woven is a very nice diamond pattern scarf from that period, which I wear to this day.
comfort80 Talk I can Crochet. I'm not a beginner, but not quite advanced yet, but I CAN read a Pattern!! I'd like to help in any way i can. :)
ClarityKTMpls Talk Both of my grandmothers taught/supported me in crocheting as I was growing up. Since then, also learned to knit, so I could make sweaters. Haven't had time to make any sweaters yet. Still prefer crocheting, but I do both. I adore yarn and everything about these activities, looking forward to helping as I'm able.
Cparkhill1730 Talk For a number of years I have been interested in, and have practiced, various textile arts including tablet (or card) weaving, historical costuming, sewing, needle-tatted and bobbin lace-making and crochet. Up until recently, I maintained Web pages that were devoted to tablet weaving until I switched service providers. In the interest of continuing to make this information available I decided to post it on Wikipedia.
ddailey Talk I am interested in relations between the mathematical categorization of weaving patterns as with simple, double knit, twills etc. and relations to knot theory. See for example where, I think, all weaves involving a single layer of warp and woof are characterized by binary strings.
Dfred Talk My primary interest is in knotting, but I have done a bit of utilitarian sewing while mending clothing and creating custom items for outdoor pursuits. I have experimented with ropemaking and am interested in learning more about spinning. For the last several months I have been attempting to kickstart WikiProject Knots.
Durova Talk So far, started the embroidery hoop article and added references to crochet. Textile arts could use help so I'll pitch in.
E.Zajdel Talk I knit, crochet, sew, and embroider.
Edralis Talk Interested in European clothing and textile arts from Neolithic to Renaissance.
Elemenopee9 Talk I go through phases of being more of a knitter or a crocheter but both are very special to me. I also have made one (1) patchwork quilt, and would love to have the time to do another one. I'm pretty new to Wikipedia but happy to help wherever I can make myself useful!
Enby Talk I'm interested in textiles and sewing.
Eyrian Talk Experimented with bobbin lace, tablet weaving, etc. Capable of making diagrams.
FBTWEdin Talk I am a hand knitter, and also a research specialist in twentieth century tapestry and textile design.
Geoff Plourde Talk
Heddles Talk I am a hobbyist handweaver, but my textile interests are broad (sewing, knitting, embroidery, and crocheting).
Julie E. Talk Bobbin lacer; member of Arachne lace list, Lacemakers of Puget Sound. I don't have lots of time during the (US) school year, but will look in as I can. I started the Lace project. I think it will take time to gather interest.
Joedkins Talk I am a bobbin lacemaker, and I collect lace. I have added several pages on bobbin lace to Wikipedia.
katrina2000 Talk I'm a published writer, award-winning editor, and avid crocheter. I also sew a bit and have tried my hand at cross stitch and embroidery. My first book of crochet patterns will be out soon, though I have published a few patterns here and there.
Lapin Textiles Talk Professional weaver and artist. I have an extensive background in History of Textiles including several publications.
Le Grand Roi des Citrouilles Talk I am a professional historian and can help on articles dealing with the history of textiles.
Leschnei Talk Weaver, spinner, knitter, copyeditor
Loggie Talk Mainly I spin yarn and knit socks, though I crochet, weave and sew as well. My current big project is weaving cloth out of yarn I've spun, using a basic twill.
Lynda Talk Hi. I've been knitting for over 30 years and have recently learnt to crochet. I've also worked on bobbin lace and am learning needle lace. I sew, embroider, cross-stitch. I'd like to help out where I can and I'm particularly interested in the Irish Fibre Arts, Irish-style knitting and lace making.
Lokechin Talk I have dyed different articles of clothing using the multi-purpose dyes from fabric stores and wal-mart. I am also knowledgeable of various topics of dyeing techniques, and have read countless books on silk painting, batik, general dyeing, screenprinting, and dyeing for theatre. I do a bit of costume work on the side when I'm feeling crafty. I don't have in-depth education in any one given topic, but perhaps I can help start up stubs that people can build off of.
Madametaylor Talk Lifelong fiber artist! Theatrical costumer, home sewist, knitter, crocheter, embroiderer... I've even tried tatting and bobbin lace.
Margit1951Bpest Talk I' am hungarian female, Wikipedia [1].
Massimiliano79 Talk Aerospace Engineer and working in the field of screen printing technique and screen printing machines.
Mcbrarian Talk Librarian and Wikipedia research by day, knitter by night. I like to knit baby and children's clothing (sweaters, scarves, hats, mitts).
MegaMom Talk I make a lot of my children's clothing by hand, particularly "fancy" dresses, which I love to design! Needlework has been my hobby since childhood. Although I knit and crochet from time to time, I prefer embroidery and needlepoint. As I've gotten older and my eyes aren't what they used to be so I've taken up Bargello and working with large mesh plastic canvas making 3-D baskets and ornaments. I fear my petit point days are over! I have also created several wax batiks and done a bit of leather work in my day. Anyway, it's a pleasure to join you all!
Mewhho18 Talk My main interests are in the fashion component of textile arts! I'm mainly here to do a lot of learning from my peers.
Mikhailov Kusserow Talk
Mmangan Talk I am a lacemaker on a steep learning curve, and as I learn I like to add the things to Wikipedia so I can find them again later! I want to add new pages on lace and lacemakers, and other local history topics as I find things when I'm looking for lace tidbits. Familiar with other historical clothing and crafts as a hobbyist.
MorrisStuff Talk I'm an academic with a specialty in nineteenth-century British art and material culture, particularly the works of William Morris. Also a knitter, quilter, cross-stitcher, etc. Have been editing articles for a little while and now working up the courage to write them as well.
MugRack Talk I grew up surrounded by textile arts- my mom spins, knits, sews, quilts, dyes, and weaves (to name a few) I've been a knitter for years, and have a great interest in the field... I would love to contribute the best I can!
Orcanami Talk I am an avid knitter, and fairly familiar with Wikipedia structures and procedures (just a spectator, not usually an editor!). I am interested in giving additional attention to work that is under-appreciated and/or not written about enough on Wikipedia (e.g., "women's work", African-American history, etc). If you see me in the MILTHIST Wikipedia project, it's because I have some interests in the subject, and it is an excellent example of an organized well-run (if sometimes dramatic) Wikiproject.
Ornith Talk New to writing for Wikipedia, but I'll help as best I can. Built goldwork (embroidery) just the other day because I was astonished it didn't exist, which is how I got pulled into this project. I work as an apprentice vestment maker/restorer, and I also design and sew more usual clothing and do silk-shading and goldwork embroidery. I've done a little knitting, a little weaving, a little batik dyeing, a little leatherwork, and a little costume design, and I'm hoping to learn corsetry and crewelwork in the near future as well.
PKM Talk My interests are history of clothing and embroidery. I have access to good reference materials and I can find/add images.
Racconish Talk
RAJIV Talk A textile chemist, professional. Learning and growing together. Love Wikipedia and the community.
Sawyer-mcdonell Talk i don't sew, but i am interested in fashion & textile art history
SpiritedMichelle Talk Artist who loves all types of art no matter their material
Svaksha Talk I love to crochet, knit, hand embroidery/needlework, painting on textiles, and sew (not necessarily in that order) as per my personal needs!
Tattoodwaitress Talk I am very interested in textiles and work with many different textiles, including recycling of used textiles such as denim from old jeans and jackets. I love to quilt, knit, crochet, and create collages.
Pete Tillman Talk My interests are in ethnographic textiles, particularly Indonesian, Central Asian, and Andean. I've

been contributing some PD images of old (pre-1888) textiles, and just wrote Kaitag textiles.

TrudiJ Talk I am an academic librarian. I weave, sew, spin, embroider and am a novice at bobbin lace. I've been working on topics with a regional focus (especially Deerfield Massachusetts) and other diverse topics that pique my interest as I go through my needlework library (or leaf through used books I've bought as sources). I keep a list on my user page.
Txinviolet Talk I restored an antique Singer sewing machine, and in the process became passionate about its history.
UnDeadGoat Talk I'm a knitter & a spinner, and am interested in a higher quality of articles surrounding the textile arts on Wikipedia. I'm more of a tagger/classifier, truth be told; writing articles is kind of scary. ;)
Willow Talk My first love is knitting, but I also sew, spin, crochet and design clothes. I haven't learned weaving yet, but I hope that you'll teach me! I like smiley faces a lot, too. ;)
Yarn.wench Talk knit,crochet,stitch,felt... if it can be done with natural fibre, i will try it.
Artful inquiry Talk I am a fiber enthusiast--focusing now on repurposing felt in mixed media. I have been working on the Wikipedia page on felt and increasing the representation of the world's felt artists in Wikipedia.

and would like to add this in to the Textile Arts

Terasaface Talk Woodworker, basket weaver, and interdisciplinary artist interested in editing biographies of textile artists with Art and Feminism.


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