Zendeh Jan District

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The Zinda Jan District is located in the central part of Herat Province in Afghanistan. It borders Gulran and Kushk districts to the north, Injil and Guzara districts to the east, Adraskan District to the south and Ghoryan and Kohsan districts to the west. The population is 55,500 (2012 year).[1] The district center is the town of Zendeh Jan, situated in the valley of the Hari River.

Zendeh Jan
Zendeh Jan is located in Afghanistan
Zendeh Jan
Zendeh Jan
Location within Afghanistan
Coordinates: 34°22′10″N 61°43′46″E / 34.3695°N 61.7294°E / 34.3695; 61.7294
Country Afghanistan
ProvinceHerat Province
 • Total55,500


The following table demonstrates the total amount of irrigated and rain-fed lands in the district.[2]

Total (jerib) Irrigated (jerib) Rainfed (jerib) Forest (hectare)
24,120 16,600 7,520 0

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